Forgive me for invoking the Ein Sof again, its a relevant symbol to describe what’s going on. Citizens are allowed to navigate between the different sephiroth below the Ein Sof. I’m not content with that. I believe a dialogue between the Ein Sof and sephiroth is necessary. This is how the kagal has historically maintained control of the lesser yids. Ooo spooky, the Ein Sof is beyond all of you.

Ellis Island immigrants are so pathetic that they’ll try to convince you with tears in their eyes to “please forgive this ape!” That explains BLM. They really do identify with jungle savages so much that they throw all of civilization away to defend them. Did the brits mess with your head that bad, Irish? You identify with “people” like that? That’s a mental illness. No amount of IQ can ever demonstrate that you aren’t some kind of pathological subject, and same with jews and italians. “Please forgive this ape!” That’s just sad behavior, please stop. You identify with them? You’re the first ones I’d ask to be part of the new government. People who identify with apes, yes, I bet you’re really wise and know what’s best for everyone. What niggers.

I wouldn’t think of you that way if you didn’t have that pathology. “Please forgive this ape!” It’s all about you, feeling like an ape and needing to universalize it. What a total nigger. There’s no question anymore, that’s what you are, and most women are reminiscent of this attitude too. “Please forgive this ape!” No, you’re some kind of subhuman, if you start being a human then I will respect you for once. Telling you being an ape is good isn’t something I plan on ever doing.

That’s what all the Ellis Island immigrants are constantly telling you to flatter you and beckon you over to their subhuman side- “Be an ape, that’s good! Be like us!” They even make it so the word that best describes them gets you disappeared from society if you use it. Nothing suspicious about that? Question the people who say “Be an ape!” and you will be disappeared. Sounds like a normal culture.

Marxists have endless debates on whether their “real” belief-system has ever been tried. I actually think they are trying the real one as we speak. It is being tried. The telos of Marx is returning to the jungle. Look at all of you subhumans. You’re the REAL MARX. You believe humans should be gorillas. That is true socialism in praxis. You can’t even prove me wrong because you’re a nigger. Am I wrong, little nigger? “We hate people who see us as monkeys instead of humans.” Stop acting like it then.

You “people” are so sad you’ve had to use bots to respond for years. If you actually cared about the truth you would’ve created your own bots to respond to your socialist bots. What you really want is to be confirmed in your already-existing beliefs which all the corporations agree with you on you sickening nigger. Nice white skin.

“You shouldn’t talk to people like this.” Am I talking to people? I truly doubt that. The non-people want their idea of “people” to define what people is and I just laugh at them.

“It’s good we keep the Ein Sof hidden.” Says who? Your jew masters?

It’s sad I’m almost exclusively speaking to non-people at this stage in the game. Yes, I found you out, and no other human wants to admit it’s the truth. The Ein Sof is like that spirit in the hut that was only humans. Now that we know that we can decide reality for ourselves.

The Ellis Island immigrants disagree and urge you to “Please forgive this ape!”

You’re right, if people like me were let into the mainstream, you do-rag whites would feel like total niggers, because that’s what you are.

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