If “AI” only makes you flatter the state more then you’re just being controlled by the state. You’re just a victim of brainwash that feels better about being a conformist without dignity because they’re following supposed “AI”. Look at that, all your conclusions are that niggers and jews are great people. I’m sure you have no bias in accepting that. There’s no talking to you niggers. You don’t use bots to know the truth, only to confirm what you already believe. “Brown people, merchants, and women are powerful!” Three subhumans together, with bots to make sure they have self-esteem about themselves? AHAHAH! Alright, I’ll entertain you. You don’t have a bot crutch that helps you distort reality about the fact that you’re not really human.

“We programmed it so we feel like humans.” And that’s all it is. You’re actually niggers that hate white men and this is your pathetic way of saying “I am not something that is less than human” – the fact is that your doing that only proves that you’re a nigger who doesn’t deserve a vote. You hate people who are better than you and have to resort to bots because you have nothing to say. Will the children in the next generation have bots or will they just be as stupid as you? We should encourage niggers in the next generation to have bots who hate people who are better than them, right? We should follow your pattern, niggers. Sounds like a great plan.

“We’ll show you what we have to say with our bots” – uhh doesn’t that defeat the purpose? If people have to use bots that means they’re niggers.

“We’re discovered!” And part of being a non-human is hiding the fact that this is what you have to do. Nasty, I could never have respect for someone enough to be their friend if they were like this. Niggers.

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