So this is why the paleys killed him?

This is from that South African banking book again. Goodson is quite an exceptional individual, being both a banker himself and a daring historiographer, it’s a rare hybrid he is, and it’s no wonder he’s banned on amazon.

He shows that the sturdy Catholic Chesterton was privy to this awareness

I love how I throw leftists into cognitive dissonance when I talk about bankers. “/ourguy/!” they secretly think (about the bankers).

Seeing now that Goodson has another book on South Africa, this one on a military general. Over the years I’ve usually seen “honest-caste” people speculate that America’s future is either Brazil or South Africa, so it’s probably important to get a good idea of what happened in the latter country. lol “honest-caste”, it’s a real thing.

You think you know a historical event well and then you find out who was behind it

the “anti-apartheid struggle” was little more than a grotesque hoax used to seduce South Africa into the clutches of the international bankers’ New World Order.

“Yeah, the NWO, we like that, we want that!” If its ideological conditions are reminiscent to those of today it’s only going to be a hodgepodge of the worst elements of humanity.

It’s not even a goal on the horizon. We’re already living in it. This is evidenced by the fact that the Brain of culture, the academy, churns out nothing besides glorified gossip. The rest of the non-brain population reflects it as well. When your society has the conversational tone of a nail salon at its highest levels that means it’s already over. What the goal of the NWO is is everyone being not too bright and chattering about nothing. And we already have that now. Anyone who tries to rise above it and speak loftier matters is “mowed”. And they already have this down to a science. They get better at it every year. Even in 2020 I remember some form of Brain still existing on the internet, and that’s gone now. The NWO is here, and that’s what it is- everyone is stupid, and everyone is basically content with that. Do you read this and feel like a “defensive retard” by chance? Then you prove my point, you retard. I’d murder all of you. Better for one person who is still sentient to be alive than 7 billion retards.

This Goodson anyway, might as well be speaking another language with this, though it’s nice to see an off-the-reservation banker offering a practical solution to at least the South African plight

It requires the repeal of Sections 223-225 of the Constitution and the South African Reserve Bank Act, Act 90 of 1989

Is there something like this we can do with our federal reserve? I’ve never seen a banker like Goodson step forward and offer advice. Probably because anyone in the know is getting rich off it. Fuck you. String em up, string em up! What does a neck breaking in a noose sound like, I really want to find out. Do their shoes fill with their bowels and eventually overflow? We’d be lucky to get to witness something like that firsthand.

Leftists are thinking “Don’t fantasize about that happening to /ourguy/!” They’re so happy in retard world, this is truly them living in their element.

It’s disturbing to think that even after the world is all brown there will be recurrent exceptional types here and there who will try to speak up about the retard problem and they will be absorbed into the Blob too. It’s a worldview that is hostile to all exceptional types. That’s right, you’re not a kweeeeen now, and you never will be. You’ll be beheaded like anyone else in that retard world, and you already will be in 2021 if you try anything. You are one with the swine stampede.

While I know you hate the idea, I have to repeat once again that the places generally above this line are an option for escape from this

With technology it probably wouldn’t be so bad. It would be easier than living on the moon. If there was a subtle enough exodus they probably would leave us alone for a while. This thought-experiment is only palatable for those with a particular time-preference. Once you’re living in a country with a jungleblood majority the cold will start to look a lot more appealing.

The do-rag whites are going “It’ll be fine!” You’re a white nigger, I don’t count that as “fine”. You have no dignity, and no potential to EVER have any. It’s not going to be “fine”, it’s not even fine now with your kind constituting the majority. That’s the telos of the Saxon Conquest known as the Civil War, all exceptions will be eliminated, even the coon whites. The whore is a type of coon too ya know? No impulse control. We already have that and there will be less impulse control in the future. Coon-coon couplings will never produce geniuses or even semi-geniuses, which are necessary for a flourishing culture.

Seen too many signs over the years that you’re doomed, so I don’t really care anymore. Even the people who seem to be good on the surface are almost always “mowers” themselves.

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