Given that this Roundhead vs. Cavalier conflict seems to still be very alive today, I want to find a realtalk psychological portrait of the personification of the Roundhead, Oliver Cromwell. That Goodson shows me some interesting correspondence

It’s funny to think of the different subspecies of whites as different Native American tribes. The Saxon Roundheads are Apaches, and the Norman Cavaliers are Chippewas! And they duked it out with newfangled bows and arrows on the same land the injuns did. And the Apaches ended up lodging a tomahawk in the Cavaliers’ head. Now we all follow their way of life.

Do you like doing their dance?

Sorry if I segue from Cromwell, this is pretty interesting here

From Maine to Montana people spoke Algonkian? That’s a lot of travel.

Nomads that went wherever wild game was abundant. Remind you of anyone?

They’re a well-traveled people

That might be a fun VR video game to play, Crossing the Land Bridge.

If you think about them beginning their journey in central Africa, the ones in southern South America traveled farther than any other people

That’s a lot of walking!

Doing the Platonic division thing, these are nomads that hunted animals rather than humans. There weren’t humans in the new places they traveled to. Europeans might as well have been buffalo herds for Jews.

Why didn’t the Native Americans ever domesticate the buffalo? Why always chasing them around? Too tasty to wait? Had to slaughter them right then and there?

Domestication of the white livestock was gradual. No matter how tasty they seemed, the Jew was always careful and methodical, and always hesitant to go too far. Now that whites are domesticated with various mind-viruses the definition of “too far” has changed and they can get away with more.

Up to their tricks

King Charles was staying as a virtual prisoner in Holmby House, Northamptonshire. On 4 June 1647 500 revolutionaries seized the King, but then allowed him to escape to the Isle of Wight where he was subsequently arrested.

He probably believed he was really escaping too, poor guy.

After this he was put on trial

Not a single English lawyer was prepared to draw up a charge sheet against the King. Eventually it was provided by a Dutch Jew, Isaac Dorislaus.

Two thirds of the High Court of Justice were literally known as “Levellers”. Is this where that spirit began in the west? No, that was in the air around the time of Erasmus (1466-1536). All that’s certain from what I can tell is that we’re currently living in a Roundhead-Talmud political order. Anti-racism and gynocracy are merely surface manifestations of that.

This must be a symptom

As the procession approached the scaffold large numbers of the crowd shouted “God Save the King!” After the deed had been done there was an enormous groan of anguish.

So was the Roundhead personification a “shabbos goy”?

Not 50 years past after the execution of Charles that the Bank of England was founded.

Our resident traitor-banker Goodson says that that is the model and blueprint for all future central banks, and that it is the benchmark of all unlawful behavior.

The behind-the-scenes of these wars that established the ideological foundations of our country that we all have to live with

Are you an Apache or a Chippewa?

This was six years before the Bank of England was founded

Thirty-three years after Cromwell had let the Jews into Britain a Dutch Prince arrived from Amsterdam surrounded by a whole swarm of Jews from that financial centre.

This is known as the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Goodson suggests it be renamed to the Infamous Revolution. I can think of a more insulting way to rename it, personally.

Roger died before all this above happened, in 1616. The royalty and monetary system couldn’t have been that bad if they allowed for him and people who appreciated his plays to emerge, right? Just one glaring symptom to mention.

The great empires in Europe are connected. This was the bank’s purpose

to enable the prosecution of war, and in particular the conflict against Louis XIV of France whose country was not on the usury system.

This Louis died in 1715.

If you remember Marion Sigaut’s controversial historiography of the French Revolution, by the 1770s another King Louis was in debt. It wasn’t his fault that there was a deficit of bread. So the French resisted them formidably from the time of Charles’ execution in 1649 to the Revolution in 1789.

“England” bankrolled France’s enemies in the War of the Spanish Succession (1702-1714). All of that older Louis’ heirs dropped like flies around him in mysterious deaths before he finally gave up and signed a peace treaty. France was the most powerful empire before this time. This is when “England” rose. In 1718, three years after this Louis’ death, the first central bank in France was established.

Goodson is just too funny

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