Aristophanes’ next play after Banqueters, Babylonians, is also only extant in fragments and I’m not seeing much in the way of a deduction of what it was about besides that it involved the god Dionysus visiting Athens. Outside of that we know the statesman Cleon was angered by it and that he tried to take Aristophanes to court over it.

Cleon was the leader of the democracy after Pericles, and Aristophanes frequently portrayed him as a demagogue. In his two earliest surviving plays performed in the couple years after BabyloniansAcharnians and Knights–Aristophanes must have been unfazed by the legal dispute because he continues to attack Cleon. What we know from the surviving fragments of Aristophanes’ predecessor Cratinus, Cleon’s predecessor Pericles was an object of mockery. So this, besides the conflict between conservatives and liberals, is the origin of laughter- making fun of the head of state. The play that follows Knights is Clouds– so, Cleon then Socrates was parodied. Possibly a symptom to see there.

Let’s go with Aristophanes’ earliest surviving play, Acharnians. Like Pericles, Cleon was a war general. That’s apparently how you were recognized to be a fit statesman in those days. This is a “peace play”, the protagonist tries to write a secret peace treaty with Sparta, without Cleon or his henchmen knowing. The obviously titled Peace, as well as Lysistrata, are also peace plays. Aristophanes wrote most of his plays during the Peloponnesian War. Plato wrote all of his dialogues after the war. Again, another symptom you might see there. “I think it’s time to be more serious now that we lost that war you clown.” P. S. if you’re an autist and want to hear Cleon’s side of the story, Thucydides reproduces one of his speeches. Fairness in everything, that’s what I want. It hopefully goes without saying that the relevance of the plays in question for our time is through the approximate equation of Cleon with the Kagal.

Dēmagōgia was originally a neutral term

Cleon was a flatterer of the demos who simultaneously believed himself to be high above them.

Donna Zuckerberg, Y U NO talk about Aristophanes in this way? I can make a missile aimed directly at her forehead out of any of his plays.

The conclusion one has to draw from the Acharnians is that democracy did not in fact exist in the time of its performance. If you’re going to write a secret treaty with the enemy that makes you a traitor. And this play won first prize at the festival. So people, the demos of Athens, evidently felt like traitors to their own country, traitors to their leaders at least. This play had no effect on those leaders, as the war continued for over 20 years after its performance. What would “peace” look like in our time and place? Probably with the end of hating white men. 20 years? They’re going to continue that until we’re gone. The Athenians must have really liked this theme of treason, and that’s pretty much the word you could use to describe not hating white men today as well. If you’re treasonous in this way that means you oppose the plans of the demagogues and that makes you a traitor. If the people with the spirit of Aristophanes out there make you laugh you better not be too loud about it, and you better sit quiet throughout the “war” for 20 or more years.

Here’s this theme again

convincing the fire-eating Marathon fighters that there is a higher good than the fatherland

Good luck convincing the Lincolnian ally boomers of any of this.

they must free themselves from their conceited patriotism

Globalist types really are like that, zealous patriots in disguise, upholding the values of the 19th century Saxon Conquest and 20th century [censored nose people reference]. “Patriotism” a la Washington, Adams, Franklin, etc. doesn’t exist in the 21st century. It changes with the times and it can change again.

“We don’t care, we’re still going to hate you!” Why, because we’re not retards? Solid reason. You seem like a sane person not overwhelmed by nationalist fervor. You are in a Retard Cult. You are a confused person if that is where you find yourself. I don’t care how many of you there are, that is the nature of your worldview. You didn’t discover your worldview yourself, you were taught it since you were young, and as an adult you are likely bribed in one way or another to continue believing it. The Manson family seems more virtuous than that. Beholden to demagogues, and look what they want from you and how they get it. Sad all around.

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