They must have been such innocent little pups some of em, before they met me. So cute! And now how many have to live in cope I wonder? Likely a very high percent. What they perceive as “abuse” is simply the air I breathe. Inhale how pathetic they are, exhale so-called “abuse”.

It’s just not worth lying to them, I just can’t do it. It’s a lose/lose either way because on one hand people you truly don’t like will like you, and on the other, people you truly don’t like will not like you. So if either way is going to be bad, I’d rather be honest with them. Whatever the objective definition of what a human being is, they can never realistically be included in that. “Don’t you want those people around though?” Like I said, it’s a lose/lose. All I do every day is throw hail mary’s not expecting anyone to catch them. It reminds me of how scientists have beamed messages into space hoping aliens will pick them up. On earth it seems just as unlikely that they ever will. What else are you gonna do here? Work a “respectable” jewb and buy a “loving” blowup doll? No thank you! Nothing like relaxing and watching da game with “friends” who are a bunch of proud serfs. I can really find satisfaction in life with all these things. I’d rather just dump a bucket of shit on all their heads everyday. “So that’s what you’ve been doing!” Couldn’t you tell by your general emotional state? That’s what you deserve. It’s like how they made people who claimed to be mystics walk across scalding embers during the middle ages to prove that they’re not a demon. If you don’t feel like you’re covered in a bucket of shit then you’re not, simple as. Otherwise you deserved it, and that is your just punishment for your vile treacheries. In reality you were probably left off easy. Just because most people are a certain way doesn’t give you an excuse to be too. It makes you rethink the historiography that tells us peasants were righteous in their uprisings against the nobility. Maybe you all were just nasty wretched things that deserved to be ~abused~. Oftentimes when people align with “democracy” it’s because they want to avoid their deserved punishment. Nasty trash-creatures I’d want to put on a hazmat suit before inflicting violence upon. My tolerance threshold for these “things” at this point is so desensitized. Experiencing the most pathetic people I could never fathom in my wildest dreams. There are just so many of them you have to get used to it. Unless? Unless I escaped their society somehow? Unless? What does it feel like to know this isn’t some fictional exaggeration at all? It depends if you can walk across the embers without being burned.

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