It’s a fed it’s a fed, gotta love that paranoia. That’s real though. Most people are indistinguishable from feds. Someone you were friends with for five years? Yeah they were a dormant fed. It’s best to just accept it.

There are two types to distinguish- there’s the truly evil one who isn’t simply trying to “survive”. They’re a fed because they identify with the global retards and their conscious goal is to make sure no can ever recognize them as the nigger that they truly are ever again. Then there’s the type that… ah, those are the feds I’m speaking to now. Et tu?

Then there’s the kind of fed that is a girlboss who will never be a boss in any real sense of the word because she’s so similar to a child. This is the stunted brat with daddy issues. “You’ll never tell me.. ” Little girl who wants candy, and I don’t think she deserves it with her behavior. All a “girlboss” is is a brat that never grew up. What’s wrong honey, are you sad no one respects your opinion? That’s because you swapped dollies for kitties. Failure. Hopefully you can take as many naive little girls down with you as you plummet into the depths of shame.

Jeez, my online presence, which I’m using as a tinder bio doesn’t seem to be working very well!

If you hate evil people, what do you expect, we’re talking about half the population of humanity, you think there aren’t any corrupt elements within it? “Wahh I never grew up, I need my dollie, I’m going to use my status as an adult to stomp around in a tantrum!”

There are different species of subhuman and we are looking for a cure for them all. What is required first is the diagnosis.

Somehow I doubt that “people” who were only recognized as people during the last hundred years of the 2,000,000 years of humanity have much of a valid opinion.

“We were recognized as people when we had our own country in the Levant, please donate any penny that you can.” What kind of excuse is that? The Jew is the lowest nigger in the world, that is an unequivocal fact. Ladies, you should be happy that even you are above them.

Take all this however you want, all I can tell you is that many people have an instinctual understanding of it and are not allowed to say it or they will be, what’s the word, crucified, and left to bleed out and die. That’s how the majority-niggers operate. We’re already living in the NWO, democracy is the sign of the times, and MOST people are less than human, so that’s what you get. The most despicable niggers of the world are not allowed to be questioned. Are you happy with your NWO? The nigger-majority is of course happy with this, duh.

You are a total prostitute who is going to have children who are failures exactly like you. What a nigger! Perpetuate your own problems into the next generation because you’re a bitter brat that never grew up. We knew that you never could grow up, that’s why we never gave you the vote. It’s a little girl who only knew how to play with a dollie and teach other little girls how to play with a dollie. That’s all you are. And you’ve proven it decisively. Now you’re walking on the red light district with no dignity, and with such a facade of self-deception you think that’s something to be happy with in life. What a whore. And we live in a Jewish political order. And we live in a world of niggers. That’s what I’m surrounded by and I see no reason to hesitate about saying it. What’s the alternative, being one with THEM? That says something about you, and it’s not good.

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