You think this is true?

In trusting others, we realize distinctive forms of value.

I don’t really trust anyone. Everyone seems like either a prostitute or a prostitute in hibernation. All I can trust is that having integrity is something fleeting for them. The rare times I witness virtue in the wild it’s always fused with an anticipation that it’s an anomaly that will be followed by some lapse into vice. Nothing to trust about a person like that. All I trust is that they’re untrustable, so I wonder if the above quote is true and if I’m missing out on something for this, what I take to be realistic, attitude.

When I think about applying the concept of “trust” to the usual suspects I pillory at this place it just makes me laugh. That’s what the issue revolves around- it’s the accusation that they’re inherently untrustworthy types of people. Among other things of course, I’d just say the question of trust is more prominent than most. Rabbis for instance have such a outward appearance of “knowing and caring” and from my perspective they’re so fake, I just want to slap em. Same with most Jewesses. They want to poison your society, and their altruism is only a guise. I’ll probably catch flak for this, something I usually keep to myself, is that there’s so much evidence throughout history for “blood libel”, I’m convinced they really have been mixing Christian blood in their matzo for centuries, and you can tell just by the sickly look of the features of their face. Not a trustable person that did that since BC times, and denies it to this day, now is it? Anyway I digress- in the realtalk universe if you’re going to philosophize about “trust” then you must immediately acknowledge that you can always expect the rabble to trust the Jewish Order. Any other trust they have is secondary to that. If it might conflict with that then they will forsake you without a question of conscience at all. They wait for any excuse to side with the animals which the Jews are the shepherds of. Do you think I’m a pessimist? I’m just trying to help you prepare for reality. I would not “trust” any of these slaves with anything. So the question is, what am I missing out on with this stance? Do the cows feel cozy rubbing up against each other? I guess I’m missing that, oh well. HAHA! I bet that DOES make them feel cozy. The creatures just want to not be alone.

This is MY way of feeling “cozy”, thinking about this

the question of whom I should trust, in what way, and why

My first thought is of trust in a business sense. I think that form is prevalent in the modern world. Both parties are going to gain. I’m thinking of a different kind of trust. People probably wince when they hear that. You’re not going to gain anything necessarily from being virtuous. So I think a predominant form of “trust” today has something capitalistic about it, or utilitarian. Yeah, that form has its place, I just don’t really trust that kind of person in any real sense. Those are just object-people I might USE then dispense with as expendable. Call me an optimist, I have an intuition there’s another kind of trust. It’s not something I can say that I have, just that I wish that I did have it. I’m not going to trust someone who sold their soul without looking back, and that’s pretty much everyone from what I can tell. I wish there was someone I could trust, I’m sure there IS a “value” that I’m missing out on from not having that. Bluntly put, I’d have to live in a delusion that they’re trustworthy.

Would you say that you’re able to trust me to hold demons accountable? “I can trust you to be mean to me!” So you’re admitting you’re a demon? I’d trust you more if you ever admitted that for once. If I saw a Thesmophoriazusae take place in public my misogyny would probably dissolve in the blink of an eye. HA, imagine Jews confessing to the state within a state. Yeah right. And neither of those things are ever going to happen, so why would I trust either of those groups? And while we’re here do you want to tell me with a serious look on your face that browns and blacks will not take to their grave with them revenge for being found in a jungle? There’s no “talking cure” for that, they’ll die with that chip on their shoulder. And someone like that isn’t trustworthy. In all of their minds you’ll always be someone who can be betrayed, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. All these sorry subhumans will always “think” of an excuse to justify themselves. Reactosphere people always talk about a high-trust society. If I was living in a society of trailer trash whites I wouldn’t see that as very high-trust, and that’s what most whites are.

What? I’m just examining this concept. There aren’t really many people to trust out there. The initial quote is probably right though, that there is a value that is not there because of this. An emptiness. A coldness, in a negative sense. All alone with yourself. “Dealings” with people are seen as business.

The phenomenology of this is interesting though. Whenever I observe the rare example of “someone doing the right thing” it’s always fused with the awareness that they will soon fall into sin. Just my experience of the world. I never see anyone who’s stable. I.e. trustworthy. “Morality” to them is their mood in any given moment. So I think this is a tricky problem, because most people are so emotional and impulse-driven that you almost feel pulled to settle with the brute reality and trust them anyway. I don’t think I will. I’m an empiricist, and my collected evidence shows that they’re inherent prostitutes. Beyond that, they almost always have at least one foot in the Retard Cult. So you can always expect them to capriciously fly off the handle screaming “Forgive that ape!” because in most cases they want to be forgiven themselves. How could you possibly trust someone like that? The Retard Cult itself certainly has a strong in-group consciousness- there’s trust among themselves. I unfortunately want nothing to do with that. I do yearn to trust someone though.

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