“New Historian”, I like that concept

Just googlin Shahak again since he’s one of the most honest people I’ve read in my entire life. And there’s not much of a peep in the way of secondary scholarship on him that I’ve found yet. Did you read that brief book of his? It might change your life.

He was an Israeli professor, and they want him buried

According to Shahak, the Jews facilitate the spread of vice in order to enslave the masses

Nooooo not him too!

Googling Shahak you find some interesting websites. So many people who have kissed the wailing wall. Whatever lets you be a movie star, you whores. Not Verne too, not Verne!

I feel like most of my readers have kissed the wailing wall.

Is this you?

I can see why any of the animals would want to

Look at this prostitute though, what’s his excuse?

After asking a few languages about Shahak I find a shovel scoop for you from Poland

This professor says he has condensed together their 1000 years together into a politically incorrect history.

He says most books you find on the subject today were written by Zyds, and that the worst impact on historical falsification was by Stalinists who forged documents outright. He even knows many many of them by name. I almost gave up there, those MENA people are depriving themselves by not using Shahak as a muse.

This is from 2018

There is still no larger synthetic Polish book on the history of Polish-Jewish relations, while there are numerous books by Jewish authors on this subject, most often highly deceptive. For years I have been preparing the first Polish synthetic book on this subject (about 700 pages).

He accuses the current president of being in their pocket and promulgating the falsified history.

Is it THAT bad there?

Could go to prison for three years for a facebook post like that.

As I’ve said before, for centuries Poland was known as their paradise in Europe because it was such a tolerant society that let them live the way they wanted to

contributed to the perpetuation of extremely conservative tendencies and blocking access to new ideas. Any attempt to emancipate oneself or to withdraw from the rabbis’ rule was ruthlessly dealt with. Rabbinical courts more than once used their powers to punish death, even cruel death e.g. by boiling in boiling water

If one tried to convert to Christianity they were murdered immediately. This is what he claims at least. I’d need to be convinced, because those Jews seem like too innocent of a people for any of that.

You personally decide with your freewill to kiss that wailing wall, huh?

Ah man, they must know him well somewhere

The extremely objective Israeli scientist  Izrael Shahak, wrote in his excellent, and still not well known in Poland, work

This sounds familiar

The considerable autonomy they enjoyed in Poland was used to suppress any original and innovative thought, to promote the most shameless exploitation of poor Jews by rich Jews, with the support of rabbis, and to justify their role as oppressors of peasants

They prohibited most of their own people from even learning Polish because they wanted to keep them in control and away from any outside influences. Cheating and harming dissenters was part of their tradition. Glad they’ve let that one go. People who are victims of that still make out with that wailing wall nonetheless. Talk about exuding dignity.

Really? I’ve only found a few, in all my looking

How does it feel to be one of those in the present?

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