Sticking with that Polish historian. So they’re STILL harboring information from those years?

He supports the full opening of the files of the Institute of National Remembrance and complete decommunization

The ethos does seem to be different in Poland though. Similar to Italy. Potential exit places, at least if their internets are any clue. Extremely non-PC people I find in normal institutions in these countries.

You can find some insta-translated writings of this historian here.

It was clearly visible that for hundreds of thousands of Polish Hasidim, time clearly stopped in the Middle Ages.

What if people like that were behind something like this? Raise your hand if you are fooled

Covering it all with a “socialist” phrase is a way of dazzling the minds of Polish workers, in order to use them to finish off the “corpse” of hated Poland and build a Jewish “national” organization on it.

It’s strange that when I bring up Jews, what the left takes to be a logical response is “gorilla dicks!” It’s almost as if they’re consciously aware that it is precisely Jews that keep the subhumans from being questioned. Do you see my point? It seems like it would be logical to reply to a statement about Jews with a response about Jews, and it’s always a response that involves blacks. The mysteries of the “cathedral”. One might deduce that the left has its own “conspiracy” regarding the JQ and their answer to it is that it should be hidden. I.e. it’s not a conspiracy. It’s like if there was a presence in the country of a savage type of Asian and when Jews were brought up leftists would also start talking about how tight Asian pussy is. What about the Jews though? Nothing suspicious about that, I can’t remember mentioning anything about Asian pussy?? This is how contemporary Marxists operate. Don’t think about the Jews, just fuck that Asian pussy. I wonder what leftist codewords and symbols they’d use to represent that. They have the bananas and snakes for the black dick, so what would Asian pussy be represented by? Hide the Jews by talking in code!

Maybe they’d post pictures like this or something

Or of tightrope walkers. Get it get it?

I feel like one of those Native American code talkers

And not only anglos have their back.

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