Looking at that adventure study I ordered on amazon

Anons when they’re at their best remind me of like a grassroots secret services operation.

This is from 1993. Right from the first page he doesn’t hesitate to note that this is a genre that men like and that feminists hate.

Wait a second–look who’s visiting this site again

What does someone like that care about this?

Green says people rejoice in being dominated. Is that true for you, Verne? He says in adventure they suffer it rebelliously then impose it themselves, righteously. Where do you see that anywhere? Lots of rejoicing is what I see.

If you remember a previous post of mine on Green, he voices the suspicion that modern literature often marginalizes the virtue of courage. He references Tolstoy and Joyce here for instance. He seems to think it’s even in philosophy, quoting Sartre’s autobiography

Never in my life have I given an order without laughing, without making others laugh. It is because I am not consumed by the canker of power.

Irony-poisoning, it’s everywhere. You know that other people are ordering you around without laughing, right?

I already told you a few times to be serious for once in your life, and you probably didn’t even try.

You’re just a pacified servant with no urge toward violence at all. The Blob has you. You are the Blob. You’d probably sooner break down and cry for the various apes than you’d ever say anything that would “harm” them. All these rotten people, and you’re probably happy gallivanting in a meadow with them. If that’s the case you’re probably one of them.

He hints at the value of this genre

Killing cleanly and in a way which gives you aesthetic pleasure and pride has always been one of the greatest enjoyments of a part of the human race. Because the other part, which does not enjoy killing, has always been the more articulate and has furnished most of the good writers we have had a very few statements of true enjoyment of killing.

He seems to imply that various modernist writers have been boosted instead of adventure writers because there is a fear they will inspire real killing.

Then again, what’s there to kill and die for? Some whore? That’s a problem of our time. It’s how they domesticate us, by making life meaningless. Having no real muse, no real inspirations is good from their perspective, because it keeps you aspirations middling and moderate.

Do you feel like a submissive serf that’s accepted your lot? That seems pretty ubiquitous. This is such an entrenched problem that bringing this up only makes those types angry rather than encouraging them.

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