Good job worthless whores, the only one in the world who has criticized the system to its very roots you have neglected for years. Now any chance you will have a daughter that is an actual strong independent woman is at zero percent. You can only expect a nigger daughter in the future. Good job you stupid whore. I hope she enjoys “freedom”, I heard those monkeys know how to think clearly and be real human beings. This is what you get, anyone who burns the system to the ground can only expect negative consequences, and that’s partly your own doing. And with that you can only expect retard nigger women in the future worse than even you you stupid whore. Good job! You get a gold star. Nigger retard future. You sure are a smart person, glad you have rights at all you worthless whore.

“Nigger retards means freedom in the future!” No, it means you’re back at the jungle where people are animals and don’t understand freedom.

This is a message I send to all of society. Keep people like me in a gulag and this is what you get. You’re already a nigger retard yourself. And it’s only worse from here. Our nigger retard culture will applaud you for this, and I only inform you that you’re a total failure from the perspective of anyone who isn’t a nigger retard like any of them. “I have a good excuse to make, just wait.” No you don’t. There’s no “feminism” in the future. You have nigger retards in the future. The emancipation of woman is not going to happen, you failed. That’s because you are a failure yourself.

“The people who refute the fundamental premises of the contemporary world-order aren’t people I like.” Yeah, you’re a coon, how could you with that idiot mind of yours? Only imbeciles can have a good life, anyone who isn’t that is scapegoated. I thought someone would care about being more than an animal and I guess I was wrong. Years of talking to objects. They want the highest awareness to be invisible. “There’s nothin higher than the Jew Order, anything that is wants to slaughter us like animals.” No, they’re doing the same thing to you, they’re just subtler about it. We need an established standpoint above their order so people can judge for themselves. At present, anyone who challenges them is made into a scapegoat, and this should be a sign for anyone living in their order. Don’t question or else, never wonder if they have your best interests in mind or not. I repeat- you have failed the feminist project, and that alone should be enough to get you to rethink what’s expected of you. Thanks though, for the years of neglect, I heard philosophers deserve that.

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