I just have to accept that most people are incapable of accepting justice. Real justice is another one of those things that can only be interpreted as a “cartoon” today. Figuratively speaking, fractional voting would be real justice, i.e. certain people count as 2/3rds of a vote, others count as 1/10th of a vote, etc. I mean not in terms of a literal ballot box exclusively, I mean that the new political correctness would cause their general opinions to be perceived as mattering 80%, mattering 0% (in the case of Jews), etc. See, this can probably only be interpreted as a cartoon character saying it. I really think true justice is found here though. Most people aren’t that bright and the way a lot of people are, it isn’t difficult to regard them as “evil”. Do you remember what I refer to as the Artxell Syndrome? That’s the majority of “votes” in our time, and I regard that as a type of evil condition. To speak harshly like usual, even if someone is worthy of 7/8ths of a vote they will still be tempted beyond their own control to “vote” for democracy. Put differently, virtually everyone who has an intuition, subconscious or not, that they aren’t worthy of a full vote will want everyone to be regarded as equally worthy of one. That means the ones who are 10/10 worthy of a vote aren’t deciding things. Starting to get the picture of what real justice is, or is this still a cartoon? In my experience, close to 0% of women DON’T have this Syndrome. When half the population is that way you’re pretty doomed. Then you add the browns and the socialist whites, and that easily tips into the great majority of people with this Syndrome who do not want the ones who are worthy of a vote being the only ones regarded as such. Three or four socialists together are worthy of one vote, isn’t that enough for these people? See, this is infeasible, even if it might be ideal.

I’m just looking on the Rusnet now at that theory of Galkovsky’s I’ve referenced a few times

You’ll find that all the people with the Syndrome will support the Hegemon. Then, the only thing in our culture that can be honestly referred to as a Third Party Coalition are anons, and they often support the Subhegemon, GOP circus performers.

You’d be surprised how strict you can get with all this. From a certain perspective most anons even support the Hegemon and are Verne kissing the wailing wall. These are simple yet wise peasant-types. They aren’t on an eternal quest for wisdom, they just want a practical government, and that’s fine, it’s just that if you look closely they also have something of the Syndrome.

Sometimes I think about killing myself because there are close to 0% of people I actually relate to, and don’t expect that to change in my lifetime. It’s a spiritual condition that they have, and when I witness them it isn’t a pleasant experience. Most of the aristos are in the academy, and the nature of that existence is to be a robot, so I can’t really relate to them either. Just a never-ending parade of people I look down upon. Maybe three years now? since my perception altered and I began to see them for what they are. This is just a historical process I guess- they want only people who are 7/8ths worthy of a vote to exist. Eventually only those worthy of 1/3 of a vote will exist. If you’re Verne kissing the wailing wall you’re not a person, your behavior is rooted in the acceptance of a string of historical fabrications. Half a century more of seeing people like this everywhere? It’s part of who they are to never admit it either. “We 7/8ths of a vote are 8/8ths of a vote!” All democrats, all rabble, all creatures that are unpleasant to see. And they can be spotted from a mile away, even if they all blend in chameleon-like when they’re surrounded by each other. The 7/8ers all recognize each other as 8/8ers. And again, this is the exception- most I’d say are a lot less than 7/8ers. You want to formulate a political order based on real justice? Then you have to be harsh like this. If you have dimbulbs in control then everyone is going to have dimbulb ideological conditions. Being hostile to this general way of thinking itself is dimbulb behavior. They’re secretly happy with dimbulb conditions because then they don’t have to live with the burden of judgment. They’re all no different from those morbidly obese people who try to convince you that judging fat people is chauvinistic. Plebs, browns, jews, women, all fat-acceptance advocates in their own ways. Half a century more of seeing THOSE everywhere? There has to be a way out of this. Maybe there are some pockets of people in Europe somewhere? I think one thing that would be healthy for me is severing ties with America in a spiritual sense. I identify too closely with its fate and I don’t think there’s any obligation for me to do so. Time to just turn my back on it and walk away. All these different types of hidden fatties screaming about how I should accept them for who they are, that’s what the US ethos is, and why I should feel responsible for trying to help them?

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