A place with lots of jungle, lots of primates, lots of indigenous people, AND lots of white people, that’s rare. I think of Brazil. And so I google anthropological subjects in Portuguese, and find this article that speaks of the “apagamento”, i.e. erasure, of early science in that field. You never see people being that explicit, usually the fact that it was erased is erased.

For the hundredth time, I’m not an advocate of slavery myself. Brazil, in 1888, was the last country in the western world to abolish it. All I think is that that tells us something about them. I’ll just go ahead and say it- they probably had more realistic scientists based on this.

This is funny. I doubt it

Quite rightly, most intellectual histories of race in Brazil stress a disjuncture around 1930.

“We’re on the side of the ones with the bombs!”

I just want to understand what’s going on in my country. Sorry if you hate me for it.

Degeneration, though never far from colour in Brazil, was more than colour. It was a psychiatry of character, a science of identity, and a social psychology.

Judging by how frequently I’ve seen reactospherians reference Brazil as the future of the US, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any discuss the early Brazilian theorists who anticipated it all.

This is the title of the essay I can only get a preview of

Here’s the wiki of an interesting-looking anthropologist I just learned about.

What if they were right that it’s more than just colour?

Imagine your happiness as an Afro–Brazilian woman seeing, for the first time in a Brazilian university, a majority of black students. Imagine yourself celebrating the exchange with African brothers and sisters. Now you start your class. What is the topic? Introduction to Anthropology, “Here is Mr. Morgan, he classified human races as savages, barbarians, and civilized. Guess where you were in his estimation?

If race doesn’t matter then why would she be happy about a majority of blacks? Anyway, we can expect that the above phenomenon is why early anthropology is erased.

Rodrigues is considered the first Brazilian anthropologist, here is what he says

it was necessary or convenient to lend to black people the psychic organization of the most cultured white peoples… the black had conferred… qualities, feelings, moral gifts or ideas that he did not have and could not have

You of course see this today in most advertisements, with all the spruced-up coons that are generally never that way in reality. This is where I think the ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry is most relevant, this is how it manifests in the present- poetry, or beautification has a hegemony, in that quarrel. Only “paintings” are allowed, no scientific observations. To the tune of “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks” – All the other ads with the spruced up coons.

Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as a “flawed character” that more or less entire races have. And it would be perfectly fine if a country adopted a flawed character, not like it’s possible for that to exist anyway. Spending thousands of years in a jungle certainly doesn’t lead to a flawed character, it’s no problem.

Ballet is not more elegant than twerking. This distinction does not reflect a difference in mental state and conversational tone. People do NOT, I repeat, people do NOT “talk in twerks”. Even if they did it is not a “character flaw”, it is a mark of their elegance. And furthermore, no, it is not possible for an entire country to adopt a flawed character. You stupid niggers. No, it’s not possible at all. “Oh yeah, I remember why I don’t like you now.” Because you know I’m right that you’re trashy and low-class?

“I’m so happy that there’s a majority of people who talk in twerks enrolled in this anthropology course!” Whoops, the disguise is gone.

I haven’t even found material by that Rodrigues yet, that one statement of his alone helped me see through the fog that’s imposed on us all. Hypnotized to believe people were always talking in twerks… You a ghetto bitch, hoe.

You’re not supposed to understand that statement clearly. It’s supposed to be understood in a neutral way. The reality is derogatory, the interpretation of that reality is neutral, if not positive. You a ghetto bitch, hoe. “Yes! Thank you!”

If you think this is an exaggeration then the chances are you really is a ghetto bitch, hoe.

I wonder why they would want this awareness erased?

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