Somewhere near 45% of slaves were shipped to Brazil so I’m surprised I’ve never seen Afro-Brazilians and African-Americans juxtaposed. “Lots of things surprise you, why don’t you shut up?” Nah

This was a question wondered about during those forgotten riots. “We didn’t forget anything!” Yeah right you maoists, I really trust the word of a maoist.

Here is an initial answer to the question

They’re taught to be different here?

Another interesting difference is African-Americans make 10x the amount of money on average than their long-lost cousins in Brazil.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it- this is from ten years ago

9% of black adults are illiterate in Brazil.

Oh man, I didn’t know it was this bad

This is the American ones. No matter, we’ll just change what “basic” means (can get through the alphabet and only forget 5 or 6 letters, just kidding). Why wouldn’t they change the meaning of that once they’re the majority though? Why would white niggers care about that when they read garbage all day anyway? What percentage of a vote are these ones worthy of? I’d have to say close to zero. They’re not individual people anyway, they might as well represent corporations. It’s like giving corporations votes. They all act like they’re rebels too, that’s just part of their identity. Try being someone who lives in a gulag for years you pussies. “There’s nothing noble about that, being a pussy is noble.”

Look, it’s Marx’s dream!

The Portuguese are less sensitive than us

I bet there’s a pig in your brain! Something to be proud of and to squeal happily about like a good prog piggie.

By the way, how would you feel if you were put on a plane against your will, flown to Brazil, and forced to live there? A good prog wouldn’t have ANY anxiety about that thought at all. You wouldn’t be tempted to live any certain place in Brazil would you?

This is an ominous side-by-side if you squint. Might as well be witnessing the euthanization of consciousness. Snuffed out like a candle.

You know there are certain leftists who’d never admit it that hear the way I talk (with realism) and delight at the thought of me being half-black and stupid? Pretty sinister. You’ll never question ~Marx’s Dream~ when you’re a racial imbecile. Only someone who is already a nigger would want that, so I’m sorry if that’s you. Even to the lowly chink being a negro is something humiliating. I’m sure your white skin throws them off though.

Important insights could probably be derived from this

If a white has taken no steps to immunize themselves from the incessant propaganda then their mind probably looks like this

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