What’re you here for? You want to see a chimp out, is that why you visit here? You don’t deserve it.

I find this both funny and mildly threatening

Someone has to say something about these people. It would be one thing if they had a sense of humor about it and had people like Stewart say it like this. That it is so secretive is what is sinister about it.

What do you think about him saying it with this face?

That’s essentially what they’re doing indirectly when they disappear people, finger-wagging and berating.

Is he wrong?

There’s not one Jew aware of all of this, and perfectly silent about it, not one at all.

And it doesn’t make their blood boil at all when someone brings up their connection to the Armenian Genocide, or any other of the slew of atrocities they have been responsible for. They just love it when people bring those up. It’s all part of God’s Plan. What do you think they tell themselves? They must tell themselves something.

We Americans are living in the eye of the storm of this ancient people’s next victim, are you happy about that? They did all the people before us no good at all. Wherever they go they leave behind rubble. They have to keep trying to convince themselves they’re the chosen people. “Maybe this time we can prove it!” How many times has it been now? It seems like every other day I learn of a new country that you left worse than when you arrived. At least make your history public knowledge so people can decide for themselves. “That’s not totalitarian enough for my tastes.”

Imagine in the year 2521 and they’re still up to the same old tricks. They’re at lucky number 217 now. They’re well beyond the time the Moshiach was supposed to arrive and the rabbis have fudged history once again so it doesn’t look bad. “The 217th country, we’re gonna do it this time!” No you won’t, you’re niggers. Time to regroup back in your desert and try to run a country by yourself for the first time in thousands of years. I bet you can’t do it. You couldn’t do it then, you can’t do it now. Look around you, isn’t that obvious? Just look at your face, all those expulsions shaped you, you look like a rodent. “That says nothing about my spiritual life.” What do your actions say? Seems like someone who only cares about themselves and needs to prove to themselves they’re the chosen people and keep failing at it OVER AND OVER AND OVER and now I get to be the lucky one who lives in a country that you’re working your desert voodoo on most prominently now. “We’re proud of our tradition!” Why do you have to hide your own history to yourself then? Why do your rabbis keep their own people from knowing about it? You keep proving that your tradition is nonsense, and recognition of that invigorates you to up the ante in the exploitation. “If only we had TOTAL control, if it was 100% totally ruled by Jews, then we would show the world after all who we are.” No, you’re just showing ME that you’re a totalitarian who only cares about yourself. The chosen people have unfounded narcissism, amirite YHWH? That’s the defining characteristic. People who have to hide history, even to themselves, to be happy with themselves. Sounds like chosen people to me. You nigger. What was going on in those European countries before the holohoax anyway? Thankfully many of their books have survived, and they seem superior to you kikes. Imagine that. “We killed em, what about it?” Once again, I humbly throw out a hail mary to the United States military and request that they consolidate their forces at the highest levels, and wipe out the Jewish population of the country, and Israel as well. That’s step one, that’s for starters. There are further plans I can think of, it’s just everything else follows from that. There’s no point in putting them in “prison” or something like that, it’s best to just eliminate them from the realm of the living entirely. Otherwise you risk the chance of these obsolete medievalists continuing to destroy countries into the year 2500 and beyond. I say that the military and the armed civilians unite to explicitly target all people who look like these rodents, because the chances are that they act like them too. And if they saw that Jon Stewart thing they’d probably beam with pride, regardless of the true effects their people have on the country. Just a thought, I do what I can.

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