Most races have people who understand reason to some degree, and that’s who I address myself to when I talk. The ones you’re not supposed to speak of are not good for your people. I think everyone in the world should unite to wipe them out. The next question is, what is the alternative to them. How about you just have your own country without any of their influence, for starters? Some Venezuelan or Filipino for instance, what use do they have for a merchant Jew in their country? I say we all just unite together and destroy this disgrace and then go on and have our own countries, is that such a radical idea?

“We need Jews in our country!” And are you paid to say that?

If you were even able to speak directly to me you might ask what the nature of government is. Government is identifying tyrannical groups within your population and putting them on trial. With the internet we can do something similar with these international merchants. “I’m more than that!” I haven’t seen much proof for that. Kafka”s stories are really boring in my opinion, and Einstein… bombed lots of people?

“The feds control anything we say.” Are you sure you’re not a fed yourself? There’s no storybook chronology here with a beginning and end, I simply think most people are some kind of fed. There’s no talking to them, and no point in living. Can you imagine a posthuman artwork rather than one that justifies third-worldism?

Nah, anyone who does that smells like a Jew. You are a bought person.

For the people who have some sense of what old Europe was like though, it isn’t merely a sci-fi to suggest we can possibly be more human than we ever imagined.

If you’re some type of jewnigger you will not be able to understand this (and thus not many will be able to understand this). It’s time to have pity for the third world. We shouldn’t imagine what is beyond the first world. If we do we should make sure pity for the third world is a significant part of that. “I need to please the Jew and never admit that’s what I’m doing.” Thanks, yeah, a non-person, one of many. Eliminate whites is your secret message. You non-whites and non-males seem like manure in a way. Is it manure you want to be the main political determiner in the future? It does seem like it.

Why can’t you ever admit in public that you’re a nigger?

“No I’m not, I just happen to believe in nigger causes over and over.” Right.

I like to believe in a political order where that fact is acknowledged and we go from there, rather than having it be denied. White people hate the word nigger so much they’ve decided it’s a perfect representation of humanity. What’s the real meaning of it? You’re a nigger, that’s the real meaning.

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