Oo I’ve got a spicy one for yee

As one historical example of the ‘hidden hand’ at work: How many Anglophobic Irishmen understand the real reasons for the ‘potato famine’?

Sir Henry Kelliher, another former banker, is cited as the historiographical source for this, and his book appears to be out-of-print.

I can find this quote from the book at least

You think even if they discovered this to be true the Irish would retain their hatred for the English? Probably similar with the Armenians and the Turks. The list does go on doesn’t it!

Nope, google isn’t really helping me with this. All I learn is that Kelliher was influenced by Pound’s friend Kitson. You can try to find info on that yourself, I’m moving on to something else.

They’ve done genetic studies on this??

Good, it lowers. Historiography can be something physiological, that’s odd. The study says the offspring have mood and anxiety disorders from it, uh, ya think? And do you see Ukrainians having a mental illness from the 10 million of them that were starved to death in the 1930s? Four out of five Ukrainians call it a genocide, and you don’t see them perpetually reliving the “trauma”.

They don’t need their trauma to be the way they are though- look at this extreme quackery from 1912

Franz Boas, regarded as the father of modern anthropology, claimed that the skull shape of immigrant children is changed by the new land in which their parents settle.

Simply beyond the pale.

Nietzsche has an interesting theory about “race”

Words are sounds designating concepts; concepts, however, are more or less definite images designating frequently recurring and associated sensations, groups of sensations. To understand one another it is not sufficient to employ the same words; we have also to employ the same words to designate the same species of inner experiences

He says people of the same race are able to understand each other more quickly and thus unite more closely. A Central American doesn’t have the same sensations of a Northern European. I don’t have the same sensations of an Arab, hence I can only grope at understanding Islam and hence am impeded at uniting with Muslims. It’s so cringey when progs try to “force” empathy with browns. The two will always talk past each other. “Living in a society” means pretending they don’t. I’m sure there are no euros, zilch, who understand me perfectly well when I speak, and that we totally wouldn’t be happier living in an ethnostate together, just remove that thought from your mind! We’re much happier living in Oogaboogaville. “I do not have a sensation, understanding, and unity that allows me to understand that neologism of yours!” Oogaboogaville, what could THAT mean?

Here’s Rudyard Kipling- I can relate to this Englishman somehow????

It’s strange how the spruced up coons you see on the screens are regurgitating lines that were written by non-browns.

Despite that, many do learn to seem quasi-white. Similarly, whites have been taught to seem quasi-brown. And with the latter there’s been a marked diminishment of dignity. I know the REAL way whites are supposed to talk and act without the leveling imposed on them. It’s like seeing something rotten in the back of the fridge when I behold them. If propaganda veered in a healthier direction they’d go back to talking and acting white within a couple years I’d wager. “Acting a coon” is something that’s demanded of them at the moment, and I don’t think they’re truly happy that way. These are just the conditions they have to endure for social survival.

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