I just realized that site I linked you to yesterday on Ataturk is incredibly thorough. Rather than Turkey, look at their page on European countries.

Look at this, one of the rare confessions

As Nehorai admits, there are dozens of writers, educators, and even entire organizations dedicated to convincing Americans that there is no such thing as Jewish control of the media.

That’s part of the media itself! It would be funny if they added an entire channel dedicated to that.

Is this the WORST time and place to be living in?

America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted

Great question they ask on this site

This seems true

Hezbollah: currently the world’s most successful warrior-resistor group fighting against the most malevolent of all modern abominations

Next to Hezbollah, everyone in my generation is so pathetic

I want to CUT you! I hope I have. If not at this very moment, then at least some time in the past.

What can I say to stab you? I really try my best to do that.

Imagine people here being like this, I can’t

Hezbollah’s warriors are beyond the corruption of soul.

This is what I do for you sad excuses

This is so messed up how true this is

The Jewish lobby has been treating you no different than a nation of slaves it socially engineers and owns.

It’s too late for you! You’ve accepted your fate.

It’s an American expat writing this. He says people are freer in Lebanon than they are here.

This site is full of wonders

Remember a while back I was looking for a “Mossad blooper reel” about all the victories of the Muslim secret service agencies? The way our media presents it, Hezbollah is simply a terrorist organization. They never mention anything positive about them, that’s the last thing they’d do. The Lebanese are actually shipped with Jews like the Armenians by Slezkine as a “mercurial” people.

Whites are such a sad people when you study the middle east (from a non-MSM perspective). The US was “Saddam’d” decades ago and no one seems to mind.

This is one of the best sites I’ve ever found though, if you’re someone who does mind.

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