You know how various entities outside of Iran have been making Farsi-language TV shows with western messaging and airing them for free, and how the Iranian government confiscates satellites and the citizens just go and buy a new one underground the very next day? There’s something kind of just off-putting about that. I’m studying this propaganda war now, and this is how one site describes these “psyops”

influencing the cognitive system is not done by making changes based on reality, but by distorting reality and planting a kind of pseudo-thinking instead of real and genuine thinking.

Ugh, some things you find on the Sinonet are too weird. I could stare at this forever- do the psyops we have of our own plant pseudo-thinking about any of this?

I was looking around to determine whether Yids are literal Neanderthals, because I know nothing in English would be honest about that. What are the A and B races above? Are they distinct from E? Most of the slaves were from that B location. Why did that ancestor at the bottom there have to cause us all this trouble? Why did they give birth to this curse of humanity?

This is counter-intuitive, at least to me

So… which ones are here?

Those Chinese will tell you these things

To classify all black people as a race called “black” is the induction method of “Western ethnographers” in the previous hundreds of years. But in fact, blacks are divided into many, many different races.

So… I’m going to state the obvious here. Were the slaves chosen because they were the most slave-like black subspecies? Say the ones in the north were more clever, more human. Obviously those Talmudists would’ve found others preferable to capture.

This Chinaman uses the example of the Khoisan, noting they have similarities to Asians

This one looks.. interesting

Hmm the Sinonet confirms the reactosphere’s intuition

BRIC countries = Brazil, Russia, India, and China. So we’re heading for something worse than even India?

Let’s jump back to the “propaganda war” from Iran’s perspective

Does your cognitive apparatus feel affected at all? Would you even know if it was?

Imagine a pendulum moving from side to side. “You’re feeling very sleeeeeepy. It’s goooood to be worse than Indiaaaa… There’s no such thing as worse than Indiaaaaa…”

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