I’ve realized I’ve probably upset certain people with some of the things I’ve said and, it’s fine, it’s fine, you’re cool, it’s alright.

Hahahah!! You’re cool, you’re cool, don’t worry about it.

Yeah right.

You’re not living a doomed existence or something, it’s fine. Want me to lie to you?

Living on a farm doesn’t sound so bad, away from all the lies of you “city folk”. I get that impulse people have.

You’re arguably a corrupt person if you use the internet unless you’re very selective with what you follow on here. Probably best just to separate yourself from society altogether and live on the land. There’s tech these days that makes farming simpler than ever and you’d have plenty of freetime for intellectual pursuits.

I suspect people want to stay in the “city” because they want to be recognized by the plutos and demos. Is that really a worthy goal?

In my experience almost everyone believes that it is. I’m personally highly skeptical. You’d most likely get clearer thinking done when not caring about them at all.

What would they do these days? Maybe use drones to “crop-dust” your fields so nothing could grow?

The Mood of our culture does seem to say “submit” because you have no chance of challenging them. I still like to speculate about ways to avoid that degraded existence which most people have chosen.

I imagine greenhouses underground in the cold north. Lots of light hits that snow that we could harness. “Just be a Jewish slave like us, shut up!” Nah, I have dignity. A moose farm above the underground greenhouse. We could even have an underwater fenced-in area where we keep walruses. Plenty of animals live in the cold. “They’ll go there and destroy it.” Like they’ve already destroyed you?

There’s a reason no one talks about these people. I simply want to write about what I want to write about. Apparently not many are happy about that. Let’s return to the concept from earlier about different races having different words which are concepts which symbolize sensations they feel. I just write about the sensations I feel. And I think many out there understand the concepts and thus have the sensations themselves. This is the way you are a slave, if you cannot talk about the moods that you feel. “My mood is that I’m a spiritual fed who wants to remove you from existence!” Okay, you’re not my race then, you’re probably some type of nigger. You wouldn’t be invited to my frosty farm, and we’d make sure your kind could never get within a hundred miles of it.

No teriyaki moose jerky for you. You only get leveled-consciousness staying in the “city”. The most primitive humans, that’s what you’re similar to, from staying there. Even the strongest can’t resist obeying the “guidelines”. No thanks, I’ll continue to think about ways to escape, I don’t care, even if neither love or friendship seem like things that.. are real. I already have spiritually moved to the cold north and everyone is content being slaves of jews. You’re not my friend, I want nothing to do with you.

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