Show me where I can get a basic bitch who’s dumber than dog shit. I bet I could really love one of those. Just make sure to worship kikes and you can insure you’ll find a basic butch who’s worth nothing. Sign me up, where do I sign up for one?? All I have to do is write on the dotted line that Jews own my soul and I have no dignity? That’s ALL? That’s nothing. Someone without dignity can do that without a second thought. All I crave in life is some ditz who demands I sell my soul to a nigger like the international kike. Sign me up immediately for this dame, she seems really special if that’s her demand. No thanks, I think you’re all just niggers who decided to lie about reality in order to survive. Please, I want to be part of that, it seems really worth it. Can I be a coward bitch with a worthless whore and never question it too? That sounds like a dream. True happiness to be found there. White nigger!

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