Next to no one skewers the kinds of people I do, they remove them from the public square. There are problems with the majority of the population and that majority is broken into different groups. The broadest sweep is women who constitute half of the population, so that one is tempting. Then there are the two types of browns, one somewhat educable, the other virtually ineducable. Then there’s the 2% that determines the beliefs of the mentioned three groups. And finally there is the docile white male faction which is about 30 something percent. That’s in the high 90% range of people who are questionable that you aren’t allowed to question. Sure, the white males can be questioned all day, IF it’s from a leftist angle.

So like I said, it’s tempting to pillory women because there are so many of them- one fell swoop I can take out half the population. It’s more of a sophisticated problem than that though- they only believe what they do because of the 2%, and because of the docile white males’ negligence. Maybe I’ll concede and say they have something like “1/3 freewill”, mostly though they do what is expected of them. And that 1/3 that IS them, a maternal sort of Care, is I’d argue exploited, so it’s up for debate whether they are even 1/3 themselves.

I don’t see “humanity”, I see various distinct sorts of entities with static characteristics. That 50% is not happy when you talk about them this way, that is a distinct static characteristic of theirs. None of the 95 or so percent is happy to be talked about in this way, hence you never see it, because the majority has control of what discourse is allowed in public.

Hmm what’s a “kinder” way to describe them, there must be a word out there

Nope, I doubt there is any kind way to diagnose what they are.

Do you not agree that if over 90% of the population can be characterized in that way it is a serious problem?

That’s not good, you should be able to say what they are.

This from Saul Bellow is relatable

The screed that’s pulled from is a lot more explicit than women tend to talk.

They usually say that indirectly. Constantly! Always indirectly. And in myriad ways. And they’re wrong. So I’m not going to stop. 90+% of INFERIOR people who need to change their ways. I’m not going to portray them with rose-colored spectacles. It’s a bunch of vermin.

Fuck around and find out

Why would I want close relations with some vermin? I’m not going to pretend they’re something other than that if they clearly are. This is some “feminist utopia” apparently when you’re not allowed to question vermin.

More than 90% of the population acts less than human and all you can expect from them is revenge for suggesting they try to be something more than that.

I could give you a list. Except it gets you exiled from society for doing that. That’s one of the things on the list. What are you trying to hide? Are you going to admit it one of these days? You vermin?

No no, there are some real beauties in that 50%, I even had a dream of kissing one just this morning. If they don’t see all of this as a problem they are not one of those beauties. Isn’t that obvious? That if you’re cool with over 90% of the population not being able to be questioned then you are a problem yourself. It’s state-enforced nihilism. If you’ve ever felt stabbed to death by me I don’t care.

The norms of America are a mistake, they need to be reformulated. If you are part of this conspiracy of shutting up anyone who remarks upon the majority of the population then you are unequivocal vermin. They like it that way, they like to be human trash that should be taken out back and shot, and instead is given every right to be what they are. I don’t care if I can only expect never-ending revenge, because what I say is true. You pretty much have every single institution “protecting” you from people like me who tell you what you are and how you need to improve. How brave, you really break the mold, for disagreeing with me and believing you’re perfect.

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