Eerie primatology study

behavior-related candidate genes as alternative explanation of the tolerant society will be discussed.

Did you know they taught a chimp how to read?

Some of their minds can more easily grasp geometric symbols.

Always have to be suspicious of why something like this would happen

Studying primatology can have the effect of beginning to see gypsies, say, as a distinct species.

What is it about that that makes people feel so tranquil, this idea that “we’re all the same”? If you were in a grocery store with a bunch of beings you perceived as different species you might be paranoid, right? On your guard?

I doubt we can deprogram ourselves fully from that delusion. It’s worth contemplating though. The concept of “humanity” is a total fabrication. It might as well be like saying that something green is blue. “Close enough!” Tell that to a forager who has to worry about accidentally eating something poisonous. Being around certain species of “human” doesn’t make you sick (or spiritually dead), don’t worry about it. Feel tranquil.

A busy street, in a crowd of whites, yellows, browns, and blacks, people underestimate how much mind-control is going on. Without the superimposition of the made-up “humanity” concept there’d be more side-eyes, stink-eyes, sharp inhales, anxiety, disgust, you name it- suffice it to say it would be chaotic, and the illusion is in place for that reason.

A white surrounded by browns and blacks would probably sense that they were somewhere “backward”. I mean, if they’re around then you are. High melanin content is the chief sign of vulgarity among humans. It doesn’t say “everything”, it’s just a pretty reliable sign. Even the sweetest of progs continues to subconsciously detect that constantly. The illusion that’s imposed is not without its flaws, it can never truly substitute the reality for itself.

Seems like everyone is enthusiastic to talk about “dogmas”. This one is an exception, they do not want to talk about this dogma. I doubt they can even understand what I’m saying here because it’s so strong.

For all the women who are “pillpilled” I have to expect the tranquility of the dogma is even more incapable of being disturbed. There’s ideology in the moods that pharma sells them.

Do you think these eyes know “morality”?

There’s a continuum of those eyes.

This is from 2011

In this section, we briefly describe the history of comparative cognitive studies of the chimpanzee mind… Because of technological advances, we are now examining new aspects of the chimpanzee mind, such as eye-movement patterns and the sense of self-agency

Why don’t we have studies like that on the different human subspecies? Certainly that’s more important than studying chimps?

We can never know what it’s like to be a chimp. We can never know what level of self-agency they have. We can however infer from the way they behave.

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