Never thought of this perspective before

Yeah I’m on the Sinonet again.

Think you’ll see that in English?

This is what ALL of our politics revolve around, so what do you expect, I’m going to continue talking about it. Integrating the darkie into society. Yeah maybe I’d prefer to talk about how Emerson integrated Eastern philosophy into the US- unfortunately that’s not what politics is about these days.

This is something they keep obscure from us

What countries precisely are African-Americans from? What are the people there doing now? They want us to think of “Africa” (preferably the Mediterranean Egyptians heh).

So are they the Bantus or what? Where you from? If so much of politics is about you then I wanna know. What do you think Trump really represented? What do you think Biden really represents? It all centers on blacks. Would it be more appropriate to call them Ghanaians?

Think of how different Greeks are from Danes, it’s even more different in this case

I wish more bioleninists would be this honest

Think of how the bogus history women are taught about their “centuries of oppression” plays into this.

Anyway, back to these ones in question. This makes it more difficult to determine

these borders are not valid demarcation points in human genetic studies. There was never any logical reason for the current ethnic constellations of modern Nigeria to be grouped together except that it suited the priorities of Britain.

Nigeria is over-represented on African-American 23andme results.

Each of the pre-colonial African empires whose descendants currently reside in modern Nigeria were significant perpetrators of slavery and were, at other times, themselves enslaved. 

A blessing in disguise then if Africans of today are envious of the ones they betrayed and sold off.

You ever heard of these ones?

Ibo and Ibo-related peoples from what is now modern Nigeria… are so abundantly represented among African North Americans.

They didn’t always identify as “black”

numerous acts of resistance during American slavery include the Ashanti, Bakongo, Fon, Mandinka, and Mbundu peoples. Participation in the early rebellions was most often along African ethnic lines.

They might have hated each other as much as the Irish hate the English.

Never hear much about this

I wonder if American culture has adopted any of this in some obscure way

Our blacks would be better off as Muslims

The Yaruba seem to practice some type of Voodoo. They’ve also syncretized Islam and Christianity into something known as Chrislam. Already sounds better than the belief-system they have here! They’re godless here. Let’s see, a quick google

crime and going to jail. Selling drugs and taking drugs. Hoes and pimping. Bragging [about] rap skills… Most rappers in today’s society tend to speak on the general topic of money and materialism.

Who’s really worse off?

What are the core beliefs of the BLM religion? What does that do for them?

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