Doing what the left should be doing!

Who adjusted better to the turbulent 19th century?

This is impressive

(Granted they have double the population of Egypt, still though.)

So how did they do it?

Only 0.5% of Nigeria is non-African. And most of our blacks can trace their ancestry there. So what are they doing differently? This is the Secret U.N., we can openly discuss here how African-Americans are babysat by whites. Are we doing it the right way? Or are we bad babysitters?

Want to hear a controversial interpretation? After slavery, most blacks were extremely poor and severed from any indigenous tradition at all, it was kind of like a teenager that ran away from home, and whites of the last decades have been affirming them for that “culture” they developed in the meantime. They praise them for being misguided teenagers. They encourage them to embrace who they are as poor, uprooted post-slaves. That’s not something to embrace.

Being PC you will never be able to say anything like this. And this seems like the only way to actually help them, talking like this.

I’m sick of all of culture having to revolve around this, and it still being ineffective. Why don’t we fix the problem? It starts by not affirming them in being misguided teenagers. They were in a bad place after slavery, and you want them to keep that same mindset?

The problem is that the left acts like its own kind of teenager. The hippies had a similar problem to the slaves in severing themselves from all tradition, and we’ve continued this “tradition” of theirs.

Wouldn’t that bring a tear to your eye, leftist, if you saw a state that was 100% black functioning properly without the need of any whites? You’re never going to see that with your current policies. They have a “ghetto religion” and all you can do is keep telling them that’s good? Are you kidding me? If the leaders of Nigeria were reinforcing that kind of thing they should be disempowered immediately.

A Pew survey shows that 88% of Nigerians say that religion is very important in their lives. That’s one of the highest percentages in the world, Iran’s is only 78%.

10% of them practice Voodoo, I’m not sure what that’s about yet, I just expect even that’s better than “ghetto religion”, and next to Christianity it goes without saying. I doubt we can bring Islam to the US, which is 50% of what Nigerians believe.

As critical as I am of blacks, there’s no doubt in mind their conditions would vastly improve if they converted to Christianity, dispensing with post-slavery ghetto culture altogether. All leftists can do is say Ghetto Culture Matters! You’re just perpetuating that post-slavery degradation. Not to mention forcing whites to accept that themselves…

Here you go, you can actually be a good leftist if you study this kind of thing, instead of being a lazy, ineffectual BLM activist

Given the decisive impact of these two world religious currents on the diverse communities in the Nigerian region, it is useful to draw on landmark theoretical analyses that explain the conversion of local communities in the region from indigenous religions to Christianity and Islam.

Ghetto culture is a type of “indigenous religion” itself, one without a God, highly materialistic, and I don’t exaggerate when I say animalistic. Do you even care about these people or do you just follow trends?

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