Contemplating the internet itself again. Two worlds exist. If you think of my favorite example of being near strangers in some store, if you squint at that experience it seems to be heavily characterized by empathy. Around strangers you’re just supposed to be a pleasant person more or less. You’re a different person when you’re talking to a close friend. That’s what the internet is to me. I just tell you what I think I would tell a close friend. In a public, real-life, “stranger” situation it’s a more emotion-based experience because you don’t want to cause chaos in your surroundings, and definitely don’t want the police to be called. And, amusingly, the first time I tried to be who I am online in real life recently that is exactly what happened almost immediately. Remember, me shouting out of my window about the corruption of the world? Cops will be called.

I don’t throw around the term “scientific” casually. The anons and others (mostly anons though) who keep getting disappeared for years are culturologists. We don’t talk with emotion that you find among strangers. Do you want to know how society really works? No, people don’t want to know that. This is why we have this attitude with strangers, because we know this about them. Typically at least. Usually this type is too rare to bother with. Again, there are gradations, and the majority of realtalkers are pleb-types in a sense. Memers vs. articulators of the theological-political, approximately. I see memers as my friend obviously, I’m sure they’d have something to say if we were speaking directly, they’re probably just not used to being prompted about these loftier matters. Realistically speaking, I doubt even if we did speak directly they’d be able to talk because they’d think feds were listening in. This is a cursed existence that I live. The internet is a prosthesis of a good friend to me. I feel like I might as well be among strangers in a store most of the time here anyway. Reactions are almost 100% kneejerk “convincing people and oneself to accept the rationality of the government”. Grats, you have the sentience of some old lady in a convenience store I’m extra sensitive to. “Esther”, that’s a legacy old lady name isn’t it? Whatever, you’re here so you’re probably a type of culturologist yourself. There are degrees to this. The kind that feels the urge to want kinds like me silenced is at some neanderthal level. Do you want to know how society works or not? If you’re weeping over the holohoax or redeeming the noble negro you have no idea how society works. And you probably want to keep it that way. That’s fine, 100% of institutions should be in your control, that seems fair, and scientific. Curly white haired old lady in the store, I should be very very nice to you. And that’s both men and women, young and old, generally speaking. In my experience that’s almost exclusively all there is on the internet. The chances here of talking to a stranger who isn’t like that are higher than in real life at least. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

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