looking for the “perfect book” on this subject noises

This is from an out-of-print pamphlet unfortunately (only 16 pages).

Is Brazil truly unique in the above-stated way though? It does seem so.

The more critical I am, the more they’re driven to turn into Brazil.

See this Chinese site for four other possible future scenarios besides Brazilification.

many people say that India is not really a population of 1.4 billion. India has a population of 100 million and 1.3 billion livestock.

Funny to read this when a few minutes ago I saw someone bawling their eyes out in an English book about how millions of Mensa minds are living in the slums. “Wahhhh!!! I’m a grown man who acts like this!!!”

This is a pertinent question

Brazil, like the US, has one of the highest populations as well as land areas in the world, so what gives? They’re good at soccer at least.

Something I’ve noticed is that most countries are too insecure to be honest about realpolitik. I think about asking the Russians about Brazil for instance and I already know they tend to have an inferiority-complex and avoid racism. The Chinese are similar though not as bad. They like to imagine themselves migrating to America and being a positive addition to the country with no downside and it doesn’t take much effort to find parallels between them and Latinos, say. Thus they will avoid discussing the problems of multiculturalism.

The master-attitude is to feel sorry for people who relate to this

If someone relates to that it’s ideal for them not to be in your country.

Then there are the breeding-machines we require out of necessity. Just kidding, your intimacy is nice too, give me some!! Seriously though, it’s not a good sign if I am reluctant to google a given country’s language because I know all they can do is lie. National mental illnesses abound. The pathology Americans tend to have is to put a negative sign in front of people who talk like I do. “Yes, this, except the exact opposite!” Hence, Brazil is on the way. All the brown people in the future will talk using bots, it’ll all work out fine. Talk about “desperado”.

Imagine asking Venezuelans why Brazil never developed, for instance. To answer that would be to stab themselves. And YOU know exactly why they didn’t. That won’t stop you from lying through your teeth I bet.

Hmm this might shed light on a couple of my previous posts

Be honest, the only thought you have about the country in question revolves around this

Link it with humor! That way they won’t think clearly about the country which most resembles their own country’s most plausible future!

A slant said it, not me

because of the Brazilian race, Brazilians are not as pioneering and enterprising as we are.

Looking forward to this

To put it bluntly, it is a semi-feudal country with some Western civilization characteristics.

An interesting realization I had- on the subject of Brazil you won’t find PC countries writing honestly about it, and nor will you find similarly “developing countries” writing honestly about it. It’s an oddity in that sense, existing in-between the two types of country. Another task for some anon.

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