This is a follower of Gobineau

I’m convinced one cannot understand old old books without help from old books.

Took the words right out of my mouth

the fundamental position of Plato is aristocratic, on the contrary, the modern position is, ideologically of the less, democratic. The conflict therefore seems programmed.

Only trust aristocrats (and their admirers) about Plato.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone formulate this connection, and it seems like a really obvious one to make

Günther’s project is clear: it seeks to demonstrate clearly that eugenics is a thought and a practice well prior to Nazism (since it will seek its beginnings in Plato)

Plato is himself an “Idea” and he is not known in our time. Most secondary texts on him might as well be cutting his tongue out.

I’m learning some others similar to Günther now- Hans Leisegang, Die Platondeutung der Gegenwart and Joachim Bannes, Hitlers Kampf und Platons Staat.

If you relate to the following why are you even here?

That’s a CURSE if you relate to that.

Anyway, just trying to salvage the beginning of western philosophy here, no big deal.

Another connection people don’t want to think about

These are lectures Günther gave in 1928, so this was before any of that political action was taken, they’re not a musing on that, more the other way around.

There were some real moments the last few years where it felt like a “coup” of sorts was possible. I can’t be the only one who had that “feeling”. This is a great sign. Talk about certain things in TWENTY 28, and maybe we’ll luck out and something will happen by 2033.

Just this brief glance at Günther and I’m realizing how worthless most scholarship on Plato really is. Totally interpreted by people living in the nadir of a democratic regime.

This is similar to Aristophanes’ gripe with Cleon- he was of the rabble rather than the aristocrats

Plato’s time was a late one. Athens had seen the masses rise to power unimpeded during the war. 

This is undeniable

Plato does not want in his city any mixture of free men and slaves.

That’s what it is too, that’s happening today. Free people are going away. They will never admit this. Free people are almost already a thing of the past. Nearly everyone is content being a jew-slave.


Plato advocated doctrines that constantly fall into oblivion and contempt… Sophist thought has again obscured the West since Rousseau and the doctrines of the French Revolution.

I.e. the real Plato was already hated a century ago at the time of these lectures, and he’s hated even more now.

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