Back to this idea of being willing to say anything I want regardless of the consequences. You should probably take it to heart that when I’m in the mood of contemplating what is most important to say it is always “God” and I usually talk about something else because people aren’t ready for that. Yeah it’s really obvious, it’s just when you have the rabble in mind you will find other things more palatable for them to hear about.

You’re probably not going to make it, sorry to tell you. I’m constantly thinking about what is meant by the word “God” and in almost every case people just find a way to justify a given state-dogma which allows them to live in relative luxury. That isn’t God, that is Mammon.

Why isn’t there a machine-learning program from a rightist perspective? There probably were some and they were removed from the internet. This is controlled as much as the Gutenberg press was controlled.

Want to know why? It’s because the majority of the population would fry in hell. Let’s just start with the easy target, women. Do you really believe all these lies you’ve been told? If you actually wanted to learn the truth of your nature you’d hate how this totalitarianism surrounds it. Is it that your intuition is that you’re some kind of humble apron-maiden when all facts are settled? You just don’t want to know the truth? And what if men appreciated you better when you’re like that than when you try to be a girlboss? An apron-maiden in a corporate suit, so attractive.

There are ways you could be a girlboss outside of PC-discourse though I could think of. You want all that buried so you can be a corporate suit though probably. There are simple syntheses I can think of that aren’t allowed, a “wise mother”. No, that type is only distorted in the present order. There’s no wisdom in following all of the trends favored by the demos and plutos. If you want to think of this concept of “self-agency” again, I doubt there are any girls growing up to achieve that. You are part of the socialist regime that is fusing with the savage nations. Jungle monkeys don’t know self-agency, that’s why they have to rely on bots to deceive you.

All I ever hope to discover in life is a real woman. All my misogyny falls away when I think about that concept. Where is she? She’d probably not care about the state at all. Thus they might as well be extinct.

Yeah, thanks for the effort, you didn’t make it, you’ve proven yourself to be unwise. I’d rather die alone than pretend this ideal didn’t exist.

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