Look at these first ones I see, please just shut up

Then another one has “segregation” in its subtitle. Lots of scrolling and still not seeing one that talks about the positives of private schooling.

I had this thought because for some reason I concluded that children in private schools probably have more well-ordered lives than most adults, and I wanted to see what a day is like for them.

Scattered symptoms

Do better and then must have a different curriculum too? I.e. must do better at better subjects? Socialists hate this talk.

Then you have another problem to look out for- 40% of Harvard students went to private schools, and that means they might simply be higher quality indoctrination factories.

A nice-sounding word that probably isn’t nice

“Fair” = lobotomy time, if I had to guess.

What kind of ideology could this possibly hide?

It’s kind of scary to think about. I personally can remember back to elementary school and there were always a few “slow kids” in the class and I can’t imagine thinking of them as “equal”. That would have bad effects, because those kids truly were dim bulbs. And to top it off, those were mostly white kids.

Less than 2% of kids go to them and it still seems to worry them so much

The ones in flyover country couldn’t be the worst ones out of all of them?

Only about 67% of private school kids are white, that can’t be a good sign. There must be affirmative action going on in those too.

A child surrounded by the demos for 13 years? That should be perceived as a type of pollution. They want everyone equally dirty.


What a sad box to go to five days a week.

I don’t know much about it. If it’s so hated there must be something good about it.

Isn’t this a cringe-concept?

See how this can be in line with Leary’s SMILE?

Some of them are even religious. When public schools decide to teach secularism that itself is a religious decision. Wonder why the US is secular? Look at the public schools. There’s no separation between church and state, it’s more that the church within the state is an atheistic church.

Learning about private schools almost makes me wish I was a kid who could go to one

“Government schools” is such a bad frame, they really need to think up a euphemism for that.

One study shows that students in public schools tend to be more apathetic. Imagine being around kids like that, it’s infectious. There’s more variety and individualization in private schools, so kids in those are probably more focused because they get to learn about things that more directly interest them. When I think of public schools it just seems like such a waste of a person. “We want everyone to be equal in that way!”

This is like peak-Platonism by the way

It wouldn’t be you leftist freaks teaching them, I know that. What corrupt souls. With the right curriculum you could actually churn out real feminists too, instead of the sad failures you see everywhere today.

Look at this random schedule, makes me want to be a kid and go through school again!

You can look at other courses here.

I still haven’t seen a “Guide” or something like that. Keep in mind that a real one would be elitist-sounding, so I expect they have to be secretive or subtle about it.

I bet even ardent leftists feel a pull toward private schools. Feel guilty? Feel like a hypocrite? Just throw your kid in a dumpster for 13 years and see what happens.

“Phew we managed to get a token black and a token latina in each course, that makes us feel so much better!”


The look of this kind of thing gives leftists a meltdown I just know it

Greek is virtually never taught, Latin is taught in 2.3% of schools

Latin is not only taught at the high school level. An ever increasing number of elementary and middle schools have Latin programs… Religiously affiliated schools often teach Latin

I feel gypped in having had a public education myself. They want everyone to be that way.

So, 13 public and 67 private schools in the US teach Greek, and 37 public and 223 private schools in Great Britain teach it. And the US has 5x the population.

Many of the ones here teach both religion AND the classics though? Kids who get neither of those are seriously missing out.

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