Staying in the time of the early days of the Gutenberg press, this is from a review of In Praise of Folly by Erasmus

Even if what he has written is the truth, what sort of madness is it to wear oneself out in order to be hated?

Erasmus is the one, I’ve said before, is seen as the first “modern intellectual”. Many aspire to be one of those and none admit it. So it’s probably useful to go back to the origin of what that was about.

500 years later I think this is still something people feel

it could be the ruin of weaker brethren.

This is what getting people to think too much can cause.

Something to emphasize about the tradition Erasmus wrote this book in is that he didn’t attack individual people by name or anything. Rather it’s ways of being that are scrutinized. People felt personally attacked when they read it even if they weren’t explicitly singled out.

Want to know something that seems really true? All the Republican-adjacent people are portrayed as backward, and at the same time there seems to be a sense that they’re more realistic, i.e. there’s a secret side of the left that knows leftism is based in lies, and that rightists are backward for not promoting lies like they do.

Leftists themselves can’t have a discussion about the merit of that because they’d be torch and pitchforked by their fellow leftists. So many of them are caught in the necessity of promoting the lies so they’re not perceived as backward for not doing so.

It’s all real isn’t it? And you never see it in public discussed this way.

So I’m glad to be republican-adjacent, because I believe one should at least be able to discuss the questionable merit of promoting lies.

Erasmus prepared the first published New Testament in Greek

Dorp worried that acknowledging the errors of the Vulgate would cause people to doubt the truth of the Bible and would lead people away from the faith.

Same kind of reasoning seen when acknowledging the errors of the prog religion. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s better to not speak of its errors, because that could lead to its total destruction.

sigh Do I really have to keep writing to niggers chewing watermelon as the world burns around them? So futile.

It’s time for me to take a “holiday”! I’ll return when they stop being useless- so I’ll never return, in other words.

You should ask yourself what deception you are defending and why, what does it actually do? Jews are ruining the world and I don’t see a point in defending the deception that they’re the chosen people everyone needs to be hush hush about. Feminism only breeds whores and bastards, nothing redeemable so let me know what the point of defending that is too. Being excessively nice to the different types of savage does not make them more truly human in any way so tell me what defending that deception does. You don’t have an answer to any of this. And you will probably continue to promote the lies regardless. So why should I care? Without all the lies you just seem like a piece of shit, okay? That’s it. You want people to not be able to say that about you. That’s what the entire worldview centers around. And why would someone like that ever change?

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