You ever look at paintings from that time? It makes me sick looking at them. I’m not even going to show you those, how about some nice ones I happen to see instead?

They had something called the “Degenerate Art Exhibit” and that’s exactly what it was. No reason to join them in that world by looking at those paintings.

I like this better than those ones

How to escape the Weimar of today? Homesteading IS a real temptation

You’re probably dying to see those Weimar paintings now aren’t you. It’s similar to those Bacon ones- I bet people can relate to it. For me, looking at them just makes me sick.

Nope, how about ones unsullied by decadence? This is the way I bleach my eyeballs after that

Weimar is the time in Germany that preceded the evil satan people you know? Did this time cause the Nazis? You might have to deduce that. Some trace it all the way back to Luther, so it isn’t so easy. Looking at art from that time to get a sense of where their spirituality was at, I can see why so many books would’ve been written with the word “crisis” in the title.

Okay, I’ll show you some of it at random, if you so desire

Nah, I prefer paintings that aren’t from commieniggers. If only you knew how hopeless you really are. The Weimar ones remind me of the mental life of my generation. No hope at all with these ones! Rotten inside.

The Nazis dismissed these paintings, like I dismiss you, as filth

They even burned Picasso, if that tells you anything. We’re born in a culture that enshrines filth as beauty.

You know this “burn it with fire” impulse people have?

The nazis were those people who said “burn it with fire!” and we’ve all been educated to burn THEM with fire for WANTING to “burn it with fire”. This is what we mean by the “inversion of values”. Yes, I want to set all you vermin on fire. And people want to burn me for that. Who’s right? Do vermin opinions matter?

We can only hope they burned the worst of it. If it doesn’t make you sick you’re probably something that needs to be lit on fire.

Where’s the purity, where’s the purity

If only you knew how bad things really are. They want anyone who shows them how sick they are to be dead.

I like the life of this one

What my readers look like when seeing this post

“She’s… not gonna make it.”

Pretty much where we are now

When you’re a ketman expert

Comfort your friend who has to live in Weimerica with you

Missing those farmgirl paintings yet?

It was Decided that our political order would resemble Weimar.

For most it’s already irreversible. That is who they are. And they will want to “set on fire” anyone who questions whether it’s good that they resemble those sickening paintings. You’re gross! Failed human being, time to start over.

I believe people can be reborn if they want to be. Problem is, there are too many people telling them it’s good to be these Weimar paintings.

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