So this is why Picasso has been so “boosted”, I didn’t know this. If you look again at his paintings without the filter of “He’s the Einstein of art!!” you might be able to see why they were considered degenerate. It seems really clear, once that filter is removed, at least to me.

Such art was considered by the Nazis as damaging to the moral fabric of their society.

HAHAHA! Isn’t it obvious?

This is an overlooked hermeneutic of suspicion. Such a sainted name, who could ever question it? He reminds me of Bacon now that I look at his paintings again!

It’s all so nasty to look at. Why is this the greatest painter of all time?

The embodiment of bioleninism

“How dare you!!” Have you ever looked at those things? I prefer those farmgirls.

Your culture was destroyed. Probably decades before you were even born.

Why even say “liberalism” prevailed in the 20th century? It seems accurate to just call them commies. They probably don’t want you to call it that because they operate in secrecy.


Fuck the Spanish. There, I said it. Turds who were occupied by the Moors for centuries, what do you expect?

People spend millions of dollars to hang this trash on their wall ahahahhaha

So byootuhfll -kisses fingers-

Now that the spell is broken I can laugh at this shit all day


“That’s a good painting, I want to make it my linkedin picture!” Probably smart, knowing that Capital is controlled by another kind of ape.

Thank you, we always appreciate your response

“I’m a genius.”

“This isn’t about affirmative action, prove it.”

True decadence

Who knows how warped people’s sense of aesthetic judgment is these days, maybe they really like those Bacon paintings too???? Things are certainly “amiss”.

This is most fundamentally an anti-Platonist movement. Picasso would’ve been exiled, if not thrown from a building.

“Women should learn to identify with being pure garbage!”

How many people have been influenced by him to continue this tradition? Way too many to even worry your precious head about.

Maybe you’re starting to get it now. There are “Picassos” who painted with theory, those are the ones I always attack. They should not be normalized, this is all ugliness and degraded humanity. What a crime. Kill all the different types of nigger in the world and you will be able to expect a better future.

“It’s me, I’M the disgusting thing” commie brainwash

Let’s take a look at a late self-portrait of his, ah sounds about right

My psychological read of him- “I’m a nigger, Nazis should’ve murdered me, and they were right.”

I prefer this one

All this has its equivalent in “philosophy” and “theory” too.

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