Still can’t find an html of this book unfortunately

There are 19 chapters on China. If it’s like the other books in this series then it’s an ethnography under the guise of Heideggerianism. Contemporary ethnographies are next to impossible to find. As with the case of Brazil studies, both 1st world and developing nations have their own reasons for not writing ethnographies.

So, gonna look at another book, this one “set” in the 1790s

Enduring a harrowing voyage, the Dutch mission was to be the last European diplomatic delegation ever received in the traditional Chinese court. 

Dream of the Red Chamber was written in the mid-1700s.

The Chinese are seen as this century’s greatest geopolitical challenge, and I anticipate that ONCE they are numbah one they will gradually return to their pre-western ways. I would if I were them anyway. Not trying to be mean, just speaking realistically, until they do that they are still living in the “Century of Humiliation”.

People forget about this

the fourteen-year Taiping rebellion—the bloodiest conflict of the entire nineteenth century

Upwards of 70 million dead, and “WE” caused this. Xi still references this event in his speeches. This happened around the same time as our civil war, and think of how significant that is to us, when only 700,000 died.

To contextualize things, the Chinese were forced to sign the Unequal Treaties after the Opium War in 1842, and the last time European “diplomats” were in China prior to that was in the 1790s, so we can use these embassies to get a snapshot of what these slants were like prior to the chaos.

I WILL like to see Finkelstein treated this way at least

although the Dutch kowtowed whenever asked to do so, their complaisance did no good, and they were deliberately humiliated by a Chinese court intent on holding itself above Europeans. Indeed, he argued, Dutch compliance only encouraged Chinese arrogance.

This is John Barrow’s account, which you can read in detail here.

If you want to get super autistic here are some other trips there that can be studied

This is the other main “farmer people” so this isn’t insignificant. What were they like without our influence, does anyone know?

Do you look forward to your room temp IQ mulatto grandchildren literally BOWING to their Chinese boss? “That’s never going to happen, because I live in a fantasyworld!”

This is just too abstract for people to wrap their minds around

preparing to shape the twenty-first century, much as the U.S. shaped the twentieth.

All these different groups that are born with down syndrome and in denial of it, and everyone else’s tolerance for their irrational hysterics, is the reason the US doesn’t have a chance. Not a chance in the world. You’re done.

China might as well be a wolf circling a victim that’s already on the ground bleeding out. You think I’m exaggerating when I say you’re a bunch of cowards, whores, and niggers? You think that’s a strength to be those things? You’re done.

There’s no sign at all that these processes, moving in opposite directions, are reversing- quite the opposite. You’re getting more pathetic, and the Chinese are getting more emboldened.

There’s not going to be a “110”, the Jews are simply going to destroy it and leave of their own free will.

Whoa, they actually explicitly say it in a shiny published recent book and not just on some anon forum

Economically, it would weaken the financial advantages that underwrite US hegemony and seize the commanding heights of the “fourth industrial revolution” from artificial intelligence to quantum computing, with the United States declining into a “deindustrialized, English-speaking version of a Latin American republic

It’s the telos of the Saxon revolution that’s finally catching up to us. The dumbest imbeciles need to be perceived as equal or else they feel like hypocrites. Imbecility is the norm now. The Chinese are a pretty refined people, they’re not imbeciles. You have no chance against them when you’re like that.

HAHA! And all 99.9% of the people here can do is try to convince themselves and others of the “rationality of our political order”. You are niggers! Time to bow to your Chinese masters.

Everyone here wants to fall asleep about this fact

China now poses a challenge unlike any the United States has ever faced… the Soviet Union at the height of its economic power ever crossed this threshold.

Make sure to keep whining about white men, the only ones who aren’t imbeciles in the country. The rest of you are already less than a chink.

Do you like Realpolitik or not huh?

You know certain reactionaries look forward to seeing how this will impact the Old Shark and the subhumans he protects with his forcefield

the twenty-first century may unfold in ways detrimental to the United States and the liberal values it has long championed.

I’ve shown you many times now from the Sinonet that they’re not a people that minces words. There will be no forcefield with them as the global hegemon. You human garbage will be called what you are.

What’s your time-preference like? Is this palpable to you?

the Party now seeks to restore China to its rightful place in the global hierarchy by 2049.

Nice timing

You probably can’t even imagine August, let alone the 2040s.

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