Still fixated on Picasso. If they could fool us about that they can fool us about anything.

By no means a comprehensive survey of conservative art history nor strictly centered on Nazism, “Reactionary Art Histories” instead offers a series of cases in which the discourses of art were mobilized against democratization in its most radical sense.

This is similar to when I realize John Lennon was a corrupter. Einstein… Lincoln. Tolstoy. Spielberg. All the “favorites” in every field of culture are up for question.

A name you probably never heard- Hans Sedlmayr, the chair in Art History at the University of Vienna from 1936-1945. You might be familiar with the paintings of Cézanne? To Sedlmayr he symptomatized a pathology that emerged in the arts as a result of the French Revolution. He tried to distance himself from the natsoc view of “degenerate art” after the war and people still accused him of being sympathetic to it nonetheless.

When I look at certain modern paintings I feel deadened inside, maybe you’re similar

I avoid watching TV so I don’t have much to draw from in that regard, I’ll just note that the way these characters are drawn makes me feel bad for the kids who watch them

It just looks like it was made by pedophiles, if you asked me. I don’t even have to watch it to know.

Ahh how did I know before even looking it up? Picasso was a pedophile himself. This “muse” of his ended up killing herself. Maybe the Nazis were right about him, who knows!

This was borne from a disorderly soul, to SAY THE LEAST

That deranged freak Francis Bacon is merely the next step after this. Do I have to remind you of him?

That’s not good “soul food”.

I have to say again, this isn’t only in paintings. There is an ideological version of this that people are taught. They are taught to believe certain things that lead them to spiritually resemble these paintings above.

That’s all they know, they’re proud to be demons.

Seems natural

She shows that Sedlmayr’s art history always returns to the ideas and periods of unified monarchies built on the Catholic faith

Their skin is smoking after reading that, it’s like you splashed them with holy water.

Surprisingly, his chief text is translated. This is actually a subdiscipline of historiography

He confirms what I say! That these paintings realistically depict people’s spiritual state. He believes they accurately reflect the way humanity was dissolving into the madness of the masses. You will not see theories like this from the loyal grandsons of the revolution, Badiou and Laruelle and the like. There must be a historiographer like this for each individual art. Who were the various chairs of the universities of this time before the decadence of Weimar was Decided to be embraced?

This Sedlmayr alone is a gem to find

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