What more evidence do you need that you’re a subhuman nigger? You use bots for years, you hide people like me for years. You’re a subhuman nigger that relies on censorship and bots in order to feel like a real human. The case is closed. You’re not a person, it’s time to just accept it. Years of people disagreeing with you and you have to resort to not responding and using bots, look at this nigger reading this right now. How else could you explain that? “Yeah, I am a nigger.” That means you admit you’re not a human. You have to avoid questions and use bots to prevent realizing you’re a nigger. I’d have to conclude you’re simply not a human and want to tell yourself you are. What a nigger. What a total nigger. “We use silence and bots and censorship to prove we’re human!” No… you’re a nigger.

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