I think I have a duty to enter mainstreamer discourse here and note that it’s typically humanoid nigger-bots that tell you to get the vaccine. Do not get it. They were already objects and that fix of theirs allowed them to solidify into being denser objects. I’d avoid that vax at all costs. “We niggers do the opposite of what you say, on principle.” Alright, some kind of mind-control is what you’re accepting with that, and this time beyond mere ideology. With that you’re expecting to have your very self changed. If you were already jabbed and you don’t understand the concepts that are spoken of at this place then I wouldn’t be surprised. Your mind is altered now. Any chance you had before of not being a mindless conformist is now gone. They want you braindead and they will resort to invasive ways to make that happen. Sorry if you’re already a “goner”, you probably already were anyway without the shot.

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