That Paul Cantor with a couple books on Roger, and writings on Huckleberry Finn? He also writes about more pop culture style “media”

The Godfather films also question whether it is possible to make a smooth transition from the Old World to the New.

Everyone loves these movies, myself included. Right from the outset I’ll tell you I think there’s something of a psyop about them. “Focus on these criminal immigrants, not other ones…” This is (((Cantor))) writing this by the way, and it isn’t unusual to see a yid highlighting eyetalian crime and never mentioning hebraic. I always talk about Polish jewry, when they were in Italy for centuries before that. “Happy together” yeah right. I always feel like I’m traveling on a hyperdimensional plane when I’m tracking down these kabbalists.

No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist I swear! The little curly sidelocks are like antennae that communicate with subterranean qliphothic entities? What?

They’re mystically attuned (specifically to matter and Mammon), how else do you think they hide their migrations? The US isn’t the first “New World” they’ve arrived at. It’s easy to lose count of all the “New Worlds” they’ve settled in. I think of the word “vermilion”. One of the reasons they’re so resilient is because they’re from the Old Old World of the middle east, they’ve retained some of those primitive features from there and synthesized them with more civilized ones.

Cantor is a Straussian, and you have to wonder with them whether they’re talking out of one side of their mouth about Jews sometimes when they seemingly are speaking of something else

As a Sicilian, Vito insists on pure reciprocity—the young men will be beaten up, not murdered—all as part of his demand that the transaction be “Old World” in character.

They’re in the US, and they’re perfectly fine with the “old ways”, and they’ll never say it in public, that’s just how they operate. They don’t look at the values here like someone of old Anglo stock does, it’s all fleeting to them. They’ve lived under so many different kinds of governments that there’s something impermanent about ours to them. They can take it or leave it, fold the constitution into a paper airplane and lazily toss it somewhere, it means nothing to them. The first amendment isn’t something the Talmud guarantees, and that’s in their blood. Just doing a brain scan on a reptile here.

Yeah, this maps pretty directly onto the jid experience

To obtain Old World justice, Bonasera must submit to Old World servitude.  Both the Godfather films grow out of the logic of this opening moment of Part I, during which we see the virtues and the defects of both the Old World way of life and the New.

One might suspect that Cantor speaks of this other Med’s experience because he is himself at the “mercy of the mob” and has to submit to Old World servitude of his own kind. This is what I mean about the proliferation of mob movies being a psyop- they hide the more pernicious “mob” in the country.

Films about THAT, of the quality of the Godfather, might be the only thing that could save us.

I like this from the Old World, if that’s what it was like

justice was done as a personal favor

Anyway that’s what I try to do for you in telling you about the nature of this cabal. They didn’t adapt to American values, they made America adapt to their values. It’s good for 2% of the population and I wonder if it’s even good for that, given that the logic of the holocaust inexorably leads to Jews themselves being devoured also. Sometimes for instance I see a Jewess and I wonder what her father would think about her, and I don’t think he’d be very happy. This is what happens when all morality and judgment is suspended.

Spoiler alert- it reminds me of the ending of Godfather when Michael Corleone’s daughter is killed

This is what Jews have to deal with as a consequence of the belief-system they promulgate. Their daughters are just liberal prostitutes without any dignity just like any of the shiksas. Karma! Those hard-worked for smarts are going away soon unless you escape to China or something like that. “I’d be no different than a Nazi if I held my daughter to a high standard!” That’s how many of them really think. Okay, you do that, I’m going to China, the “New New World”. Want to start a criminal organization there? Just kidding. They should’ve just kept the US Anglos and Germans, speaking objectively.

I don’t exaggerate when I call “it” an extended crime family. People volunteer to be part of the “mob”. You’d think they’d have disdain for the mob for scaring them into silence, and the reality is they happily do the mob’s bidding. I’m not doing your bidding, you can kill me before I do that. And many of them truly do want me to be dead too, for refusing to serve. This is real life. There aren’t many moral people out there, and all the immoral ones want the mob’s protection. The vice is so built-in to the political order that many have careers that are a form of “doing the mob’s bidding”, and when they see me talking they suddenly feel like their life is meaningless. Well, what if it is? Why not repent instead of living in denial? “I’m loyal, they protect me from hearing the truth about myself!”

Don’t you like someone being candid about all this? I can’t imagine what kind of repressed wreck most people are. You can’t just say this stuff? Ahhh I love to taunt you.

“And you pay for it too!” What about it?

Most people might as well be shivering and stuttering in fear, and they put on a happy face for the public. I see what’s going on. You’re so controlled and you pretend you aren’t.

This is real life. You probably don’t even need to be controlled. It’s internalized. You’re a criminal in a gang and that’s the only life you know.

“I was promised a vote when I was a child.” You never heard of a kid being lied to? It’s for the best of everyone is most people’s voices are regarded as fluff, nothing. I’ll never be forgiven for making this observation. You attack the mob, you will be mobbed, pretty simple. I’ll always choose being the demon of your life over flattering you for being a bad person.

People just have no pangs of conscience. I think they’re just dead inside. They spread their ills to others because they’re fundamentally broken people who have given up. It IS a life of crime too. They lost the lottery being born the sort of person they are and that’s what they resort to. So many opportunities when you join the mob- you can be a bad person and be honored for it. So what if you’re called to kill people with souls? All these criminals know is a burning hatred.

The natural order is to not take certain people too seriously when they speak, and all these frivolous ones have united together against the ones who don’t take them too seriously, even if they have good reason to see what they say as trivial. This IS a consequence of the death of god- the higher judgment is something they hate. They can’t take it that when they talk about nothing someone rolls their eyes. I already know them all too well. They don’t have any values, and there’s no point talking to them. In fact it’s probably better for your own well-being to flatter them. I won’t do that myself, though that does seem like a necessity with these types. They’re amoral, and some of them are perfectly aware of the power the mob has, and anyone who is perceived as disrupting its stability will be dealt with in a manner an amoral person finds appropriate. Sorry, I’m never going to flatter a piece of trash.

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