Something you’d think you’d have heard about

Scott – arguably the single most influential writer in the shaping of nineteenth-century American literature

Twain wrote a parody of him, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. This same Twain who accused Scott of causing the Civil War. Personally I’d like to know more about that one.

Twain wasn’t the only one. Another writer of historical adventure novels, James Cooper of The Last of the Mohicans, saw the scotsman Scott as an alien presence in the country

Th[e] idea [of deference to hereditary rank] pervades his writings, not in professions, but in the deep insinuating current of feeling, and in a way, silently and stealthily, to carry with it the sympathies of the reader. . . . Now what would be the situation of a writer who should attempt, before the American public, to compete with even a diminished Scott, on American principles?

Scott was initiated into Freemasonry when he was 30 and was eventually raised to the degree of Master Mason. Scotland is known for this rite. A character in Ivanhoe is the Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar. What kind of “Esoteric South” is this anyway? Certainly not one they want us to think about too much.

Everyone knows Tom Sawyer, no one knows who influenced that character

destructive romantic adventures unmistakably the result of a too-great fondness for the works of Scott; nearly twenty years later, in Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894), the protagonist seeks fame in a ‘crusade’

If you remember the jargon in the Sawyer and Huckleberry novels, people talked poor like country bumpkins. Cantor says that’s a theme in Twain, to promote “democratic” values and tarnish aristocratic ones. You’d never understand what that’s about without the Scott-context. Twain is one of the people who defines what America is, and this other side is erased from history?

Twain names a sinking steamboat in Huckleberry Finn the “Walter Scott”

Things you don’t notice reading books as a kid.

This is around the time the destiny of the US was decided. We ain’t gonna stop til yer all slaves now, boy.

Here is Twain a couple decades after the war

You had a choice

The Civil War is still with us today! Really??? This is the second google result for his name

Jungle bunnies can’t get none edumucated.

You can read this essay I’m drawing from here, it’s really interesting.

Twain, into old age, was still writing letters slandering Scott

The weight of the parricidal displacement is greater than the ensuing freedom.

He believed he caused the bloodiest war in American history so what do you expect. Still is in fact to this day.

We’re still living with the Civil War. Whites have been convincing themselves and others that bots are a human being so they can feel better about niggers not having souls. You have a mental illness if that is you. And we can see where it’s traced back to. Maybe Scott was right after all?

Burn the Jewish order down and everyone hates you, not just because of the blacks. They realize they’re niggers themselves when you do that. Good, that’s what you are if you feel accused. Now you know your place as a white nigger. Time to pick cotton you coon. What degree of freemasonry are you on? If you’re at a certain level you will only find it funny I burned down the kike order. If you don’t, sorry, I doubt your humanity. Talking to an object, hello object, how are you? I don’t make the rules.

“We like the Jew order!” I don’t, a bunch of morons are given equal say. Walk around in public with a dunce cap on for me please.

This is how they all rationalize that the Civil War ended up right, it’s hilarious. The Revelation of Lincoln the bitter Saxon, that you aren’t a turd with a human body. Feel enlightened yet? You’re 100% a human, there’s no proof otherwise. You don’t deserve 1/10ths of a vote, no siree. Time to git you some fry chicken. Don’t blame me, blame your ancestors for being lazy and leading to you. Thanks for taking everyone down with you, you niggers.

NO LIE HAS BEEN SPOKEN HERE! That’s the reality. Subhumans everywhere on the earth.

This reminds me of some of you mentally ill ones

Twain’s traumatic relation to Scott, displaced into catastrophic re-enactment of a civil war

They have robots dressing up in blackface to fight now, the Union has really adapted its strategy to the 21st century.

Something else highly interesting about this favorite novel of the old south

You Saxon weaklings and your ilk didn’t stand a chance, Esther has your soul. The US was knocked unconscious in the Civil War, and might as well have been put to death in its sleep in WW2. What a menagerie to behold, how I detest it. Weakling whites who subscribe to the impudent slave ideology of the Saxons, kikes and their “maiden-whores”, all these plantation niggers, the rushing river of mud from Mexico, what am I supposed to do with all of you? You think I want to be in the same country as you?

I surround myself with history and literature to stay away from you “people”. So.. this happened before the execution of Charles

In his ‘Essay on Chivalry’ for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Scott had located its final decay in Britain in the internecine Wars of the Roses, whose slaughter so depleted the English nobility that the system could not survive

This goes back a whiiiile, man (1455-1487).

Robots in blackface, that’s where we are now ahahahahahaha! Everyone is nobility, don’t worry about it. Make sure to exclude from society anyone who laughs at you for being so pathetic. Or you could just admit you were wrong? I dunno, I highly doubt you will.

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