Look at this coincidence

I keep backtrackin, tracin it all the way back, to where it all went wrong. I’m probably going to go back to the beginning of time, I know. Still, it’s interesting to see where it visibly begins to disintegrate. You’d think it was the Immigration Act of 1965, you’d think it was the French Revolution, you’d think it was the execution of King Charles, and it goes back even farther than that.

Why this war has this name. It was between two main families, and each one had a badge- a white rose for York and a red rose for Lancaster. Each family gathered other families to its respective side so that Yorkists and Lancastrians emerged. Does this precede the Roundheads and Cavaliers in any way? Have I been fighting with today’s leftists for over 500 f&#(ing years? You once were Puritans, you are now progs, as I affectionately call you. I was once a Norman. Were you once a Yorkist? Spoiler alert- after fighting for over 40 years a Lancastrian finally took control of England.

It seems like the Normans are part of this, still! This is hidden. They finally snuffed them out in OUR Civil War, and then buried them it seems. Heisman says that’s exactly what happened, they were deliberately buried.

Look, we can go back farther too (via Heisman)

333 years after the Norman Conquest, an English king finally spoke in English, that’s how the War of the Roses started. See how Saxons in America might have still been a little upset about the people down south? They saw the black slaves as similar to the way they were treated in England. And from what I’ve surmised, those puritans of the north were still treated as lower caste by the normans of the south. It was a double-racism that was going on, it wasn’t just about blacks like we’ve been taught.

This is 400 years before our Civil War

While some, with earnest, hopeful, Puritanical optimism, seem to wish that the Normans had committed genocide against themselves in these wars, this was not what had happened.

From 1066 to 1865 they hated the Normans. Psst, I’ll tell you a secret- Trumpism had Norman characteristics. It’s an ongoing process of extermination and rebirth. “Yeah we like you dead too.” You mostly only see fragments of their true spirit, they keep the robust ones off the internet and out of the publishing houses.

Those English though, I feel bad for them. How many years were the Normans gone before the Jews set up their banks there? 200 years?

The more I study, the more this seems true

The modern myth of human equality is a reaction against the myth of the inherent superiority of Norman blood.

This was the mood already in America before the more notorious “blood war” of the 40s. Now they’re stacked on each other.

I don’t think people really want to hear about this, they just want to imagine that Lincoln statue.

You never know exactly what you’re consooming

In fact, the entire Star Wars saga sublimates the archetypal, psychological underpinnings of the Norman/Saxon conflict as American epic.

Why don’t the slaves want to remember this I wonder

The entire paradigm of the American dream is built on the Anglo-Saxon precedent of liberation from the Norman “class” occupation.

This is part of why the mob I mentioned earlier is so fanatical, they feel “grateful” for this

A second chance, a beacon for the beaten breeds of all nations, burgeoned from a generous sentiment of thanksgiving for the second chance offered by the new world.

How many chances do you want? A second is fine. How about a thousandth chance? How many chances do you need before you realize an infinite amount of chances isn’t enough because you’ll never be a “Norman”?

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