That’s my style- instead of asking a girl if it hurt when she fell from heaven, if it hurt when I sent her to hell. It’s okay, it’s possible for you to heal. You’ll still be in hell forever, it’s just possible to heal while you’re there.

I’m not here to paw you around, unfortunately. I have other matters to attend to. Why any woman at all visits this site is really beyond me, given that it is beyond you.

Meier’s Zarathustra book recently dropped on z-library. This has the potential to be something special if it’s like any of his previous scholarship.

You think one of the foremost Schmitt scholars of the world would’ve been up to this in his youth?

Heinrich Meier was a student from 1968 to 1972 publisher and editor of the right-wing extremist classified student newspaper the focal point

Let’s go back to Zarathustra and what Nietzsche himself thought of it. This is quoted early on in Meier’s book

the Bible was until now the best German book. Compared to Luther’s Bible, almost everything else is just ‘literature’—a thing that did not grow in Germany and therefore also did not and does not grow in German hearts, as the Bible has done.

400 years before you know what happened, Luther’s Bible was published. This is a recurrent theme and in this case it’s distinctly different- “adaptations” of earlier works. People usually don’t try to write a better book than the BIBLE. That was Nietzsche’s conscious ambition at least.

No, I don’t care what women, plebs, and other scrubs think about anything, because if I factored in their dull opinion then I would never be able to understand the dimensions of the subject in question. These are people who need the Bible. They’re far from ready to think about what a new Bible would require. Go read the Bible instead of visiting this site, please.

I like to think of the white tribes as Apaches vs. Chippewas. Zarathustra was a type of shaman and he led to the Tomahawk War, from which we are still experiencing the consequences of. His side lost because of a deficit of force, not a deficit of idea. People certainly want to sink a tomahawk in my skull for bringing him back. Whatever, I’m just discussing an old dead shaman, that’s all.

Suppose that Nietzsche’s corpus is indeed “better than the Bible”, what then? The Apaches don’t have an equivalent here. It’s most exceedingly sad people who easily get fried alive by Nietzsche. You wouldn’t know that because they control the publishing houses and the universities where you usually find him. That’s how they reward an enemy shaman who knows better than them, they cut his tongue out. Starting to think about those Normans perchance? Don’t trust anything in English about what he says regarding the “great blond beast”.

Eat, take a crap, have some sex, spend money on something that makes you happy, yeah yeah I know that well, that’s not the realm I’m in at the moment.

The question is, how do we have something that centers civilization the way the Bible did again? I doubt the Bible is going to do that. So, let’s look to the most immediate model of someone who attempted that. This is Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and I’m not quite happy with it either, I have to tell you. The eternal return, the will to power, these don’t seem real to me. I think he could’ve done better. He’s a necessary step toward us figuring out what we ourselves can do instead. Being a Jewish slave who beautifies JUNGLE NIGGERS and flatters women so they have sex with you is not on my agenda, I’m sorry to inform you. All the bioleninists need to be away from this process. Watch, some twit is going to copy my idea here and write a Prog Bible. “Yes, we love all these failures.” I don’t. All of these things disgust me, and only women are spared for biological reasons. You want a Nail Salon Bible? No? Okay, so we know a certain “group” is going to be excluded from this process. Whites that receive their bowl of clotty gruel and exclaim finger-lickin’ good, their days are numbered.

“So do you have some ideas for us on how to write a new Bible?” Yes, step one is eliminating all of these less-than-human things that surround us all the time. If not with a firing-squad then at least from your general awareness. I have zero respect for any of them and that’s probably a good attitude to have.

What should religion be about? Don’t you think that’s a serious question to ask? The children should be kept in another room when that is discussed.

If you identify with the bioleninist coalition nothing is stopping you from offering your opinion about that. Listening in at the walls, as it were. What do you think? I’m willing to bet I’d be better off asking a white man that question, though I might entertain your perspective if you don’t seem like a lazy person who is full of bitter resentment.

That’s a million tons of weight dropped onto you, isn’t that? If you were to write a new Bible to guide people to live a spiritually-healthy life, what would it be about?

Let’s start with the most basic thought-experiment- If there was ONE thing to center everything in it upon, what would that be?

What is the most important thing in life?

Are you ready to be a writer of the new Bible? You should be able to answer the question of what the most important thing in life is if you have that ambition.

“Silencing people who question Jews!” I think if you believe that then you are already your own type of “faithful”.

What is the most important thing in life?

I refrain from giving you my own personal answer because that might bias your own.

Alright, say you’re sick of everything in modern civilization and want to start over again. What is it that Life should revolve around?

And we’re not just plants either. What should intelligent life revolve around? Can you think of a principle? It might even be a few connected principles.

“I’m a girlboss, I hate you, that’s my principle!” You sound like a redneck, hence you’re excluded.

What’s the difference between a plant a human? What do humans find important? What should they find important?

If you were to pull a Nietzsche these are questions you’d probably have solid answers for.

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