Always good to see something like this

This was shipped with that Goodson central banking book. Truly not going to beat that book, I wish there was a separate volume for each chapter.

Protip- if you mess with these people they have worse methods than actually killing you. I’m a loyal follower of the mustache man and this is where his thought has led me, so whatever.

I’m not in a noose mood at the moment so let’s go with Pound’s friend

People try to confuse you about this. “If” commies wanted to take over the world, they would take over Capital. This isn’t hypocrisy. They try to tell you these two things can’t go together. No, they mesh perfectly.

Tell me this isn’t you

Stalin as the demonic instrument of Kaganovich, all these were men who had been taken up to the top of the mountain, shown the fabulous splendors and riches of earthly success, and asked to obey Satan.

Wasn’t Steve Bannon running a monastery in Italy or something like that? That’s where I need to go. Wtf is this?

This is from March

This is from May womp womp

He frames it as a “Judaeo-Christian” school. Sure it is.

I’m sure a leper like me would be warmly received there too.

Anyway, now I’m wondering what besides Mullins was burned

Something like 30,000 books “they” say were “pulped”.



And any of you are just as expendable to these people as he was.

Stockholm Syndrome victims just eventually decide to “own” it, is my theory.

I just look for material that speaks to me, since I never get that from any of our institutions. 30,000 books that might speak to me? Where?


Remember that art historian?

Sedlmayr believed he could glimpse the new face of the human being, divorced from its grounding by God

Probably lots of material that WASN’T like that.

One blueblood stabbed another blueblood in the back, just like the Yorks and Lancasters from yesterday

This is Mullins again. He says these two “teaming up” is what is responsible for the Dark Ages. Shiksas are so groveling they probably tweet about how great Jews are while a Harvey Weinstein gives them a cleveland steamer. Both pseudo-aristos in our time.

This is another angle to look at it

Many European aristocrats were more Jewish in appearance than the Jews.

Mischling shapeshifters. I bet there are already more than a few of these slinking around China.


Suddenly getting back into that “noose mood”.

This is from Carlyle’s fave, Frederick the Great’s, time (1712-1786)

The aristocracy of Spain, Italy and France were particularly Jewish in their physiognomy.

Here’s this idea again

Unable to do any real damage to the Byzantine people, the Jews lived quietly, merely one more minority in a vast empire.

Model empires, there aren’t many of them. “We don’t talk about that 1100 years.”

Now Mullins is claiming they’re the ones who brought the Bubonic plague to Europe, and that they did it on purpose. I thought I’d heard it all. Then again, I’m remembering a few times seeing the kind of jid not severed from their history flapping their arms about how we wuz pursugyoodid for dat! Mullins cites Nohl’s study if you’re interested. The Potato Famine and now this?! The Armenian Genocide, Holodomor, the list is endless. Oh, and while we’re here

This is the definitive study on the subject from what I’ve determined. You can read Israel Shamir’s review of it here.

These are all my good friends I mention, it’s so good I’m not the only one who’s thrown a harpoon at the old shark.

Anyway, upwards of 200 million dead from the Bubonic plague. That might their worst crime of all, IF true. And I’m sure they wouldn’t want us to discover the real facts about it if it were. I mean, the present spiritual death of white people is far worse than 200 million actually dead people in my opinion, that’s another story though.

Those Medievals had something right

So terrible was their reputation as emissaries of Satan that good Christians crossed themselves as a protective measure when they met a Jew on the street.

The “second chance” of the American Dream AHAHAHA!

Remember, I’m drawing this from a writer who one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, Pound, strongly endorsed

They have been a tribe with a Stone Age mentality since the beginnings of recorded history. They have never been able to make the progression to city, city-state, and nation which the gentiles have made. Instead, the Jews have sought to extend their tribal form of government over the entire world

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