That book on ritual murder was immediately suppressed after a thousand copies were printed

It was written by the son of the “Pope of the Jews”, the chief rabbi of Rome. Another “oddball” it looks like.

Audacious- 7 years before he wrote this one he wrote Eating Jewish style: Jewish Cooking in Italy from the Renaissance to the Modern Age. So that one doesn’t mention recipes involving Christian blood I expect if it didn’t catch flak?

I remind you that my main interest is philosophy. I use various examples to demonstrate why what most people believe is illogical. It’s not logical to feel so sad about the supposed tragedy of tragedies. Many things led up to it, and this is only one of the more egregious crimes of theirs. IF YOU ARE A PROG, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE A PROG. That’s why this is important. The majority believes in something that arose due to a confusion about history.

This also tells you something about the differences between Northern and Southern Italians

Toaff’s “real” Italian Jews are the “good Jews” of his story as opposed to the “bad Jews” from beyond the Alps, with their “aggressive economic entrepreneurship” and “lack of respect for the laws of the country.”

He says the ones South of the Po river were never accused of ritual murder

These are the Ashkenazim that fled the German lands we’re speaking of here. I’ll have to do a post on Milanese jewry one of these days.

“I KNOW how they were there, okay?!” Without even needing to study the subject? So if it’s so obvious then why do we still have this belief-system? If it were truly obvious our belief-system would be gone.

If you recall, I’ve noted that the old German Jews in particular have next to no scholarship on them that I can find.

These “Germans” scattered all over the place after doing who-knows-what

The Jewish community of Lincoln had supposedly been chosen that year in a Europe-wide conclave of Ashkenazim that met annually in medieval times to decide by lottery which community was responsible for obtaining the year’s child sacrifice.

Uh oh! Oy vey!

There’s also cannibalism involved here.

The above example is from 1255.

You know one of Roger’s main influences?

The earliest case of a ritual Passover crucifixion of a white child was in 1144, about a century and a half after Khazaria was put to fire and sword.

They were known to abduct children right from their houses

They did it to mock Christ’s crucifixion. This was their annual “holiday”.

This is the unexpurgated version of Toaff’s text.

I feel like I’m watching the Blair Witch Project or something like that when I’m studying this.

This is the testimony of a Jew who converted to Christianity

the Jews believed that, to bring redemption closer, and with it, their return to the Promised Land, they sacrificed a Christian child every year “in contempt of Christ”.

The representatives of European Jewry would meet and run a lottery on Purim to determine which city the victim would be abducted from. A month later the child would be crucified on Passover. This was the old meaning of those holidays.

So glad it’s those gentle Amish that control all of our institutions!! We really dodged a bullet with that one.

If you clicked that pdf you’ll have found that it seems to have been their “tradition” to dump the crucified body in a river after the festivities were over. So the many accusations over the years were simply the times they got caught.

Heh thanks dude

I really need to learn this language

If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not wish Gentiles to know about.

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