I feel like I’m really getting into some of their heads when I read this

they could survive only if they observed the Mafia principle of Omerta, silence or death. No wonder that the Jewish poet Heine remarked, “Judaism is not a religion, it is a misfortune.”

“That’s ME, I’M in this picture!”

You sure you wouldn’t want to try ONE BITE of a bloody matzo ball if no one knew about it? Is your mouth watering at the thought? Mmm the sacrifice of goyim, an old world delicacy. Your stomach grumbling yet? IT SCREAMS OUT FOR SACRIFICE, IT’S TIME FOR CHRISTIAN BLOOD!

Love to mock these gremlins. Here is another “conspiracy” from Mullins to look into (if you’re not too busy still looking into the Bubonic plague)

Although usually denounced as a “Catholic” phenomenon, the Inquisition from its very inception was a Jewish exercise, and most of its victims were good Christians.

It’s so cool that kids are taught all those lies in high school history. It’s such a glaring omission that easily the evilest people in history are left out all the way up to the infamous time at the END of all their crimes and what was done to them.

How many years will America do this for I wonder

It was Jewish money which paid for the rioting mobs who set off the Revolution in Paris and brought down the gentile leaders, with their King’s head rolling into a basket beneath the guillotine. In no country did the Jews do so well in wiping out the gentile leaders as they did in France, with the result that the country has been flopping around like a headless chicken for two hundred years.

This 1968 Mullins book really says it all.

Secret history

The Battle of Waterloo signified the end of gentile independence from the Jews in Europe.

You’re not allowed to talk about the real “Napoleon”.

This movie is full of subversion now that I look back at it

Don’t be jealous I’ve been talking to hot babes online- remember that?

If I had the nerve I’d go back and watch all the movies that were popular when I was an impressionable teenager, probably would help me understand my generation

Implanted in the center of your mind without you knowing. Similar to “Homer” Simpson, I don’t think his name is a coincidence.

Anyway, Mullins is another one who frequently references Baruch as one of the names behind all this. Remember him? He said himself his name rhymes with spook. Probably has a new name now if I had to guess.

Not to brag, I’m probably the closest thing to challenging them directly in many years and all the useless goyim could do during that time was try to hold me back. You’re really smart aren’t you worthless slaves? No dignity at all. Total niggers without hope, it’s a closed case.

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