You know that son-in-law of Wagner’s who helped run Bayreuth in the early 20th century? Rosenberg built on his thought

Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, which he designed as a continuation of Chamberlain’s Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts

“I thought you said there’s no hope?” What else are you gonna do? Think I’m gonna go play the stock market? For what? There’s no meaning in that. Essentially buy people to be around me. No thanks.

Note- Chamberlain, born in Britain. Rosenberg, born in Russia. You don’t have to be a strict German to appreciate this way of thinking.

Rosenberg was hanged at Nuremberg for refusing to admit guilt. “Gotta hand it to him.”

Sorry I go on and on about all this, it just seems very important to me and not merely “history”. Napoleon died in 1821. It’s not many years from there we get to the infamous year 1933. You know China’s Qing Dynasty? That lasted from 1644-1912. I do NOT want the “Jewish Dynasty” to last for over 250 years! Speaking of it explicitly is a way to end it sooner.

The history of the world since 1694 is the record of the Jewish manipulation of their central banks to finance ever-larger wars and revolutions against the gentile powers. Millions of gentiles have died violent deaths because William of Orange, not knowing what he was doing, issued the charter of the Bank of England to the Jews.

It was after Napoleon that they secured more or less total control. Apparently not though if only a century or so after him there was a movement to topple them. Talking about all their “tricks” is how we can get to the point of attempting that again. And fortunately for us, many people in the past have already written extensively about those tricks, the powers that be of today just don’t want you A.) knowing about those writings at all, or B.) reading them with clear perception.

The depth of Rosenberg’s understanding of the dangers of a Jewish rule of European society is evident already in his first major work on the Jews, The Track of the Jew through the Ages. Focusing on the defects of the Jewish mind itself as the source of these dangers, Rosenberg outlines, in the first part of this work, the formation of the Jewish mind from the earliest times to the present. In the second part, he surveys the history of Jewish involvement in European politics, especially in Portugal, France, Germany and Russia

Sounds like my kinda guy! Surprisingly few people like this. Shmakov is another one.

I frequently have seen “suggested reading lists” over the years among rightists and they tend to be so paltry. You need books that talk about these “migrations” of theirs or you’re not going to understand anything that is going on. Like I’ve said before, you’re just playing paintball otherwise, splat splat haha gotcha! Wouldn’t you rather play with rocket launchers?

Here is Mullin again, showing Rosenberg agrees with him. Look how shifty they are

during the Inquisition, the most feared persecutors, including Torquemada, were converted Jews

So many events in history have a hidden side. And it seems to never be about “Look at this Jew who did something good!” It’s always about collecting shekels and then subverting society. I wouldn’t be surprised if this phenomenon exists on many planets.

This is a good point- all they care about is control, they don’t care about what they’re controlling

In contrast to other world-conquerors, such as the Romans, or Napoleon, the Jews are marked by a total cultural sterility behind the religious fanaticism that compels them to represent themselves as “the chosen people”.

The places they focus their energies on the most have nothing to show for their existence. Countries that have had the burden of their presence have flourished in the arts and sciences in spite of, not because of, them. If their presence is too prominent there will be no flourishing at all, only forgettable filth will proliferate, as we saw in Weimar.

I’m reminded of this post. Country after country across time can be described this way

In 1792 the Jewish population of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was estimated at 250,000 (as compared with 120,000 in 1569). The whole of the commerce and industries of the country, now rapidly declining, was in the hands of the Jews. 

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