Rosenberg cites an obscure historian, Levi Herzfeld, who talks about this apparently

The way their time in Babylon is typically portrayed

You know that negative connotation we have for the word “Babylon”? Who made Babylon the way it was? The idea we have of it was that it was a den of harlots and idolaters, right? As remote in time as it is, this location is of particular importance because this is where the Talmud was written. Based on that alone we know they were actively exploiting the population there. It’s not something to take lightly that they were there for over 1200 years

When they finally started going further north into Khazaria they had with them the collected wisdom from their time in Babylon, Persia, and all these other places.

I’ve seen scattered reports that modern-day Iraq was their cultural center for many centuries. They didn’t stay there, they sought other places to occupy also.

Here is the state of Europe and etc.

it is Rome from which we possess the first certain reports, from 139 B.C. Even here the Jews must have been settled a long time before to be able to found such a big community as it was already at that time… the ring of Jewish settlements closed round the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Tracking international merchants who control our lives, thank you very much.

In the early days at least, they weren’t “kicked out” of anywhere, they traveled abroad with the intent to exploit the farmers in a given country. You really trust people like that being in charge of your “communist revolution”? Sounds like just a new way to exploit the naive “farmers”.

I find Rosenberg’s bibliography here disturbing. They significantly downplay how the enemy to the Germans was Bolshevism. Rosenberg personally witnessed as a young man the beginnings of their so-called revolution.

Look at this too- his personal journals were “lost” until 2013

there is no place in the diary where we have Rosenberg or Hitler saying the Jews should be exterminated, all it said was ‘move them out of Europe’

The gas chambers are possibly the greatest psyop of history, I hope you’re not one of the ones who lets themselves be fooled by it. Six million deaths hide hundreds of millions of deaths they caused. This is real life. If you’re an American you’re living in the next USSR.

There’s a true industry keeping people’s perception foggy regarding the ruling-caste. Business is a-boomin’. They don’t address it directly most of the time, they use distractions. They get you to focus on whites and blacks, in one way or another, instead.

How could you let yourself be a pawn when you’re a human being with the ability to flip the board in their face?

Hence my thesis- the disappearance of the human.

Mullins explains that

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