Okay nerds, I have something potentially crazy here for you

I referenced this once before, and also made a different post talking about how Olympiodorus was the final representative of Plato’s Academy. Did it survive in disguise?

That would be pretty sneaky. Because it was closed by Justinian in 529, and this study in question is on Gemistos Pletho who lived until 1452. Never heard of him? Many such cases regarding the Byzantines.

I’ll tell you my peculiar “illuminati” take on history- Christians, Jews, and Muslims represent the ignorant of humanity, and Platonists and Aristotelians represent the wise, and usually the latter don’t have much control in government because they’re so outnumbered, so they have had to hide their views from the imbeciles. Nothing against those three faiths, they all contain their own “wisdom”, it’s just distorted into a kind of “babyfood” so the Many don’t have to do much chewing, and that was necessary for them to thrive. You give a baby a chicken drumstick and see what happens, it will starve. I google image real quick to look for a food that would express perhaps a more figurative meaning since I know the youngins often like to philosophize through food-symbology. “Found out!” I might add that I made some guacamole earlier today that was quite delicious. How many babies I talk to that can’t handle a square of lasagna, and need it in a mush form. I guess that’s just where you are, and I have to deal with you where you’re at. The aristocracies of Europe were decimated throughout the last few centuries and not many people have survived to understand the way they thought. We didn’t impose the Bible on you to control you, we just thought that was best for you, and that’s even true for many to this day. If any of the uppity rabble tried to corrupt them with the Greeks we put an end to them- the morality of the execution of Socrates is a timeless debate. It depends where a people is at before they’re ready for him. America is not ready. It should just go back to religion, it can’t handle wisdom. You want everything here to be as depraved as Las Vegas? Well, you got it. I myself have admitted I have leanings toward Christianity so it’s not like I’m separate from you, and at least I can face the fact that it would be good to have that in my life. If you’re lucky you’ll find yourself a quasi-Platonist who will explain the profound meaning behind the surface symbols after church. All wisdom is there, it just needs to be unpacked. This is why science developed in Christian countries and no others.

I keep finding too many good things about these Byzantines, I think they were hidden for a reason

Like I said, I feel like I fell through a floor in the Vatican seeing these things.

Dude… I was right. Look what Mullins says here

This is too much.

Secret history controlled by the Money Power. Mullins says they destroyed the Roman Empire, and the Byzantines learned the lesson to keep a watchful eye over them.

And Mullins was the disciple of the greatest American poet of the 20th century, Ezra Pound, who they also keep under lock and key. See how they operate.

I’m feeling in a real “conspiratorial” mood at the moment. The Byzantines are the reason the ancient Greek wisdom survived at all… Without them we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. We’d all be a faceless member of the State. No “individuals” to speak of. I have a feeling the Byzantines will need to be studied off the reservation for years to understand them.

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