Speaking sharply, the Jew telos has a morbidly obese black woman connected to it. Why else would they defend them and enshrine that attitude as state-policy? They identify with them. Half of the identify of the “ruling-caste” is an obese savage that found its way to a civilized country.

I don’t relate to that at all. Such acute empathy when you can relate to animals and not humans. I think you’re probably just trailer trash if that’s all you can do. Such “empathy”. A white ape that can only relate to other apes. That’s not empathy, that’s hating your betters telling you what to do. You’re wrong, nigger. That’s why you need this elaborate system to keep people like me hidden. Are you afraid of the reality that you really are a nigger? I think you probably are. How sad what these irrational niggers have to resort to. Shouldn’t you be picking cotton? The only reason supposed “whites” were against slavery because they could relate. You’re coons from a jungle, yes, that does seem like who you are. Coon-nigger whites who have used their majority to team up over the centuries to eliminate anyone who knows what they are, gradually gradually. Do you like who you are when you visit this site? There’s no lie detected here. You’re “brown” and in which case you need to learn how to serve your betters, or you’re a corrupt animal posing as a human trying to gather all your fellow subhumans together to erase the memory of anyone wiser than you. I’d have to guess you are one of these animals. It’s okay, you can earn “real respect” when only niggerbrains like you are left. Because if people like me are around you never will be seen as a person. Quick, make sure to be a nigger.

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