Esoteric explanation for Russophobia and the hatred of Putin

They were forbidden from positions in government, education, and the economy. If they have such ill-will toward everyone who isn’t them then why shouldn’t it be that way?

I’m reminded of an old Polish newspapuh

Poor Poland, the least “Byzantine” country there ever was. Wait no, now that’s the US.

Remember it took a Chinaman to alert me to this buried empire!

And next, not coincidentally, I read about it from someone known for exposing the corruption of the federal reserve system. Print money out of thin air to control what history is taught in schools.

You might remember I made a post about Byzantine literature and surprised it even existed. The impression we do have of this empire is that it was backwards and not worth learning about. I don’t think I’m the only one with that mental image? It must be by design.

Heh I see them talking about the Byzantines in a realtalk way on an old silver and gold forum. The days before bitcoin took off. Probably still would be smart to keep a few bricks of gold though, now that I think about it. Too many shills are connected with crypto-currency now for me to be entirely enthusiastic about it. You people ruin EVERYTHING don’t you?

It’s bittersweet when I find these old forums where people from over a decade ago are still 100x more sophisticated than mainstream discourse of today.

This is a post for another time

Surface-Erdogan will fool you, he’s a puppet-man.

They should have listened to Roger’s infamous play, and they could’ve avoided the Bank of England altogether

Spelling errors galore, it doesn’t matter, you won’t see this in published textbooks.

I have to say, if you identify as on the same continuum as a sassy fat black woman then you must have gone wrong somewhere down the line my venerable Finkelstein. All the riches in the world will never fix that.

Learning about some lore from this forum

You are a nut, or a troll… It is completely understandable why the original GIM shed this portion of their membership.

Purge the truth-tellers, as it was, as it always will be.

I jump right from the most high-minded texts of philosophy to the “streets”. Two of the only places you can find truth.

they started to perfect the process of acquiring power from what they learned in their Babylonian captivity, around 600 BC… Their talmudic headquarters in Babylon directed them on how to subjugate the rest of the world.

So this is what those proto-bitcoiners were talking about.

He says he got kicked out of another forum for posting about this too

It’s an info-overload with this forum. Leave it to googling “Eustace Mullins and the Byzantines” to find it.

Oh man… it’s another crime beyond imagination of theirs. Running the Ottoman Empire and in charge of a different slave trade than any one I’ve mentioned so far. Details here. This is the time between 1500-1800. It doesn’t make me happy to find so much dirt on my enemy- discovering how evil the people who control the world are isn’t something that makes you happy.

They’re fans of Pound there – they say this is censored

A chair has been founded in the Sorbonne [in Liberated France] to study modern Jewish history, i.e., the role of the kike in modern history. It would be well to have similar chairs in ALL American universities… It is time that the matter was studied. It is time that the practical means for doing the job were made subject of study. It will be difficult insofar as your press and radio are mostly in Chewisch hands.

Started with the Byzantines, spiraled into a few other subjects because of the discovery of that forum, I think I’ve hit you with enough for now.

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